Are you a Planner???

I have a confession: I love to plan! Anyone else out there a planner??? My husband would say that I am a bit obsessive about planning. But that’s because he is not a planner. I think that is why we work so well together. I like to plan everything and I mean everything. I start to plan my kid’s birthday parties the day after their last birthday. I plan meals for the week and the grocery list, our family schedule, our weekly/monthly budget, parties and holidays, everything. Planning helps keep me organized, and an organized life is essential in my crazy, busy life!

I also love to make goals for the year. Then I break them down to 1, 2 and 3 months goals. So every year in December I make a list of goals for the following year. Now they are not New Years Resolutions, since those are usually meant to be broken. Nope, these are what I want to accomplish through the next year. Now I won’t finish them all, and some will morph into something different. But I keep track of my progress and my favorite thing is to check off a completed goal! I write down my goals and keep them handy so I can look at it every day.

But then to keep me accountable for my goals, I have been meeting with the Trio every 3 months for 8 years. We usually eat, drink, share stories and eventually get to reporting on how our goals are going. This January the Trio met to go over how we did last year and what our goals are for this year. I definitely suggest getting a group of friends together, make some yummy food, try out a new drink and make some goals for the year. Make sure you plan on getting together every few months so you can report on your progress. Make it fun, try a new restaurant, or a new recipe.

So by now you are probably asking yourself what are my goals for 2013. I break them down into different categories in my life. Here they are:

  • Personal: Lose 10% body weight, read at least 1 book a month, read a nonfiction book, scrap book day quarterly
  • Health: follow weight watchers, stop drinking soda, drink at least 40oz water a day, elliptical 2x week
  • Financial: Continue no credit card debt, no medical debt, increase my 401k 2%, increase hubby 401k 2%, fully fund Disney fund, fully fund Christmas fund, fully fund kids Christmas funds, build savings to 6 month emergency fund
  • Relationships: monthly date night with hubby, girls day/night bimonthly, monthly family day
  • Kids: potty train j, swim lessons for both kids, gymnastic lessons for k, outings with kids separately bimonthly
  • Home: finish decorating playroom, new bedroom furniture, decorate my office, make outdoor furniture (actually my hubby is doing this!)

I have been working hard at my goals for the last 2 months and some I have even finished! Next time I will let you know my progress on all of them.

So what about all of you, what do you want to accomplish for 2013? Let us know what your goals are for 2013. Or maybe start your own goal group? Remember……



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