To Do Lists – To Make or Not To Make Them

There are some days or even weeks where I am so ambitious and get everything checked off my To Do list. (which is one of my favorite things!!!) Then there are other weeks….where I am not so zealous. Do you ever have days like that??? I’m sure we all do. But it’s how we get past those days and get back on track that matter the most. How do you get back on track? I find that making lists is the most helpful to me.


I love making lists! It helps me to be organized and keep on track. I can look at my lists, see what I need to accomplish, and it helps keep me focused at what I need to do. I always have more than one To Do list. They usually are: To Do Today, To Do this Week, and To Do eventually. If you look in my purse, you will find random pieces of paper that contain little lists that need to be added to my master lists. But now that I have a smart phone, I have found apps for all the lists I like to make! (so my paper notes have reduced a great deal)

 My favorite app for all my list making needs is Evernote!! In Evernote  you can create notebooks and then individual notes in each one. You can also share your notebook with a friend. I have notes that help me with quite a few of my goals. I use it for all my To Do lists, food journal, Meal Plans, Meal Ideas, my yearly goals, Freezer cooking ideas and recipes, wish lists for my kids and even party planning ideas. I love that I can access it on my phone, laptop and Ipad. It is accessible wherever I am.

Now I love technology, but I still love my paper and pencil! I have made templates that I print and use for many of these lists. I start there and then input into Evernote. I will share these list and goal making templates with all of you. Refer to the menu “Cultivating Tools.” I will begin adding them this week for all of you to start using!

 What do you do keep you on track?


What did you check off your To Do List today?


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