Katie’s To Do This Week

I can’t believe that it’s the end of March already! This month is flying by, and I have not been sitting idle. I have been attacking my to do lists and chiseling away at my goals. I shared with you my goals for the year, have you made your goals for the year?? You can use the 2013 Goal Sheet to help you get started. Start by using the first page, write down your top 5 goals for the year. That’s not hard, right?! Everyone has goals they are thinking about, the trick is to write them down and make a plan to achieve them!

Okay, once you have 5 goals, then it is time to start breaking them down to 5 smaller goals. These can be things that you can work on today, this week or the next few months. I have my To Do Today List, To Do This Week List, and my To Do Eventually List. I will share all my To Do Lists this week for all of you to use! Here is last weeks To Do This Week:

Laundry (every time I think I am done, there is always more!)

New bedroom furniture & reorganize bedroom


Meal plan for the week

Paint whole alphabet for playroom walls (actually my hubby did this!)

Family outing (Sunday Funday with kids!)

Read family devotion 3x week (only did 2x)

freezer meal (make BBQ pork and 22 pounds of applesauce!!!)

Read book up to 75% (only made it to 52%)

Being Healthy (drank only 2 sodas during week, drink at least 32oz water daily)

My To Do This Week List:

The never ending laundry

Hang the painted alphabet letters in playroom (I’ll share a picture of the finished product when it is done!)

Make cookies for Easter

Meal Plan

Read Family Devotion 3x week

Make seed bars

One freezer meal (double recipe of stroganoff, half for dinner Tuesday, half for freezer)

Easter Project with kids

Read book up to 75%

Being Healthy – drink at least 32oz water day, zumba 2x week,

Start crocheting baby blanket

I have a busy week ahead of me! I will let you know how I have done next Monday. So what is on your To Do This Week List?? What will you do to get one step closer to your goals?


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