Kim’s 2013 goals and accomplishments

Do you write out your goals?  For me writing out my goals is as natural as breathing.  It’s something that I just have to do.  It’s my plan for the year.  I thought I would share with you my goals and accomplishments so far for 2013.

They break down into five main categories:

  • Physical
  • Personal growth
  • Financial
  • Business/work
  • Blogging/writing

So let’s get into each of these categories with the goals and how I am doing.

Physical:  I eliminated all fast food in January.  Then my birthday happened in February and all the eating out took this goal completely off the tracks!  So I am back to no fast food starting this weekend for another 30 days.  I also started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  Again, I was doing good until my birthday and also had small injury so it’s back to day 1 with Jillian (and yes, I tend to yell at her while doing the exercises!).  My meal planning has been a bit better over all for the first quarter but I need to get better.  Sundays are the day I plan out the week’s meals and make a least one large meal for workday leftovers.  Then one night (usually Monday or Tuesday) I make another larger meal for leftovers.  And my last goal in this category is a monthly massage.  Now this one I seem to be able to do each month…hmmmm….

Personal/Fun: I have rented a cottage on a lake a few hours from my home for a three week sabbatical in May. I rented this same cottage last year and it was one of the best things I have ever done.  I am able to “unplug” or mostly unplug for three wonderful weeks.  I will have several friends and family coming to visit during my stay so I am working on that schedule.  Also I am looking to book a flight out to Seattle to visit a friend who moved last summer.  Monthly or bimonthly movies with my dad is on my list.  I took him to see Les Miserables at the beginning of the year and need to get another “date with dad” scheduled.  And finally, I’m looking for a fun summer concert to go to or maybe just a night in my local downtown when they do their summer free concerts in the park.

Financial: The following goals have been the same for a few years….I need to really get serious in this area.  I wrote up a spending plan at the beginning of January and need to review my actual vs budget numbers for the first quarter.  I have put together a long term plan for reducing debt.  And I want to increase my 401k contribution to 13% (currently at 7%) by the end of the year.

Business/work:  I asked and have received the ok to attend two conferences in September.  I am meeting once a month with one of the owners for our “Beer Summit” – this is a way for him to mentor me and I am able to give him feedback on our teams and help guide him to better use our processes (hence the need to meet at the local watering hole for a beverage).

Blogging/writing: Set up blog with Katie and Chanyn – check!  Write daily – that one has been harder to have the discipline to do each day/week.  It’s a work in progress!  Read daily.  That one is easy since I love to read and have a wide range of blogs I follow and a huge stack of books on my nightstand.  I want to work on the book I want to write while I am on sabbatical in May.  I have a tentative outline but need the quiet and undisturbed time while I am at the cottage to get serious about writing it.

So there it is – all my 2013 goals written out in black and white!  Now not only am I accountable to Katie and Chanyn but also to all of you reading this!

What are your goals for this year?  What have you accomplished so far?  Please take a moment and share your accomplishments in the comments section.  Let’s all celebrate each others victories!

For whatever the mind can conceive and belieive, the mind can achieve. Napolean Hill


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