My Three FOCUS Words

I love a new year to start fresh! Figure out where I am, where I want to go, and how I’m going to get there. Mistakes are gone… fresh slate!

The first thing I try to do is pick three words to focus on for the year. My words help me to have direction with my long term and short term goals. I can easily get distracted and get crazy making goals. My words help keep me on track. My words for this year are:


Health covers all areas of my life. Physically healthy, financially healthy, spiritually healthy, emotionally healthy and healthy relationships.

Fresh – I’d like to introduce more fresh food, fresh cleaning products and fresh green ideas to our family.

Reality – this to me represents something that we are lacking in society. We have “reality tv shows” that are orchestrated and manipulated; we have social media as an avenue for people to deceive and pretend they and their families are something they are not. Models who are physically unhealthy pictured to be society’s norm. This year, my goal is to be REAL with my children. Admit my mistakes, apologize and learn from them. Point out and discuss the reality behind situations in our community and world; and how we stop ignoring them and can help change them! And to be honest on social media. Not pretend to have a perfect family, but a Real family.

As you start setting your goals for the year, what are your words? What words reflect who you are or want to be?



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