Kim’s Three Words

Motivate      Create     Discipline
Chanyn has shared with you her three words for the year and Katie will be shortly.  I thought it might be good to explain how we started this and the “Why” behind it.
About four years ago I was reading Chris Brogan’s blog  and he was sharing how he choses three words each year to focus on and use as framework for all of his goals.  Wow!  How simple and elegant!  I love anything that takes the complex (goal setting) and makes is simple and easy to understand.  But then the hard part….what words would I select?  That first year it took me several weeks to decide on what words I wanted to focus on.  Chris has his readers tell him what words they are choosing in his comments section on his blog.  That gave me some good insight and ideas on where I wanted to take this project.  After I had selected my three words then I broke each of them down into what they meant to me and what I was looking to accomplish in each area.
Fast forward to the end of November last year and without much deliberation I had my 2013 three words:
  • Motivate
  • Create
  • Discipline
I spend a fair amount of my time motivating others around me.  This year I am paying special attention to how I am motivating friends, family, co-workers and myself.  For me, Motivate is an extension of me and who I am.  But it is important to be motivating and not nagging.  Ah yes, an important difference and so very easy to step over that line and become The Nag. This is still very much a work in progress.  I am experimenting  with how to ask the right questions. To encourage others to take the next step, to push themselves a bit further than they otherwise would have done and to be a positive example for others.motivate2
Lately I am feeling a great pull in the direction of being creative.  This is being fulfilled in writing this blog and also in some general writing I have started.  Oh, and that book I want to write :-).  But create is also taking on some other meanings for me as well as I live it this first quarter.  There is the creating of of a new, healthier me.  By growing my own mushrooms (my first picking was last week and they were delicious!) and creating healthy, easy to make meals each week.  And I’m sure during my three week sabbatical in May there will be other ways for me to create.
The last word may be my toughest – Discipline.  I am learning how to best use discipline to get myself to do these things I listed above.  I want to write on a daily basis.  That means I have to turn off the TV in the evenings so I can focus on my writing.  It also means I need to tackle my large stack of books on my nightstand and listen to the growing number of podcasts on my iphone.  By doing these things it makes me a better writer and gives me a larger scope of ideas to write about and ponder on.  I will be honest, when I get home at night it is usually almost 7pm and the last thing I want to do is make dinner, clean up the kitchen and work out!  For me it works best if I can do the majority of my cooking on the weekend and warm up dinner during the week.  This takes discipline for Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  It also takes a HUGE amount of discipline to get off the couch and do that nightly workout!!  But if I “treat” myself to working out while I watch a TV show then I usually accomplish the goal of the evening.  And I am realizing that if I am disciplined in how I successfully motivate myself then I am a motivation to others.
I have written these three words on a sticky note that is on my bathroom mirror, it is written on my chalkboard in my kitchen, it is written next to my computer at work and it is on all of my goal sheets.  I see these words from sun up to sun down.  And it helps – a lot!  We need that constant reminder of what we are looking to accomplish.  They guide me through out the year.  And sometimes they take on a different meaning than I had originally intended.
So now it is your turn.  Take some time to really think about what words you want to use as your guiding Three Words for the rest of the year.  And please share them in the comments!

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