Best Laid Plans (Goals)

Well, it’s time for my first post and I’ve been in bed for three days straight and today, I’m not feeling any better. That got me thinking, that no matter what your goals are, you have to always evaluate them according to the other priorities you may have. Sometimes we get so focused on goals that we loose sight of the big picture.

For example, although I wanted and needed to plan my first post with all the goals I would like to accomplish this year, I just needed to rest and take care of myself. This is what it is going to be like throughout the year. You will set goals and then life happens. Don’t beat yourself up. See the reality, don’t get frustrated and move ahead.

When I first started homeschooling my kids this happened daily. I am a teacher by trade and always had an 8:00 am start time ingrained in me. Well, with a kindergartener, preschooler and a toddler, you can imagine how many days we started at 8:00, maybe one! The first month I kept getting frustrated with that. The day would start bad and I would continue in that negative mindset. Then I was talking to another homeschool mom who turned a light on for me. She said, “The flexibility was benefit of homeschooling. Don’t fight it, embrace it.” So I did. My attitude changed and I was able to see the positive and started when we were ready and ended when we were done.

So, my goals for the year will have to wait until next week. I need to rest and take care of me. Then I can be the best mom and wife for my family.



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