Time to go Shopping!


Grocery Shopping that is…

The fridge is almost empty… the cupborad is bear! So much so, that I decided to clean the fridge and reorganize the pantry. It wasn’t a hard job with the lack of food. It also gave me a mental invintory of what we have in the house.

I really love grocery shopping. When I don’t have time to go, my husband is willing to do it for me. Although, my list of healthy, discounted item seems to be incorperated with all the things he loved as a child, but his parents wouldn’t buy!

The first thing I do is check the adds for the 3 stores I shop at. They are all within a mile of each other. A couple of years ago, I was gung-ho with couponing. I would drive all over our county to get a deal. I realized my time was worth more than the money I was saving and with our gas prices, I wasn’t saving a lot! I’ll send my husband to another store, on his way home from work, if it is a GREAT deal. That isn’t very often. I usually just stick to the three.

I start with my shopping list that we have accumulated over the last weeks. (I found a great idea on Pintrest. I painted chalkboard paint on my pantry door. It works perfectly!) I have three pieces of paper, one for each of the stores I will go to. I write each item down on the list for whichever store I think would carry that item or have the best price. I also write down the amount I want and the price. That way, if I find it cheaper at another store first, I’ll but it there.

After I’m done with that, I start looking at the adds. Aldi has good prices and no coupons are needed. The selection is small and inconsistent at times; but they have good deals. So, I start with their add and see what’s on sale. I write down what meals we will eat for the next two weeks on two Meal Planning Guides,

 Meal Planning Guide

Meal Planning Guide

based on the protein items that are for sale. Then, I write the items down on the “Aldi” shopping list. I do the same with the two other stores.

Whew… that sounds like a lot, but really it only takes 30-45 min. The next thing I do is look over my Meal Planning Guides for the next weeks and decide what days are going to be leftover nights. (Usually Wednesday nights because the kids have church groups.) Then I will write down any other ingredients I will need for those meals that I already don’t have. After that, I will add those items to whichever stores shopping list will have the item at the cheapest price.

Either, I will spend an afternoon shopping or Greg, my husband, and I will go together. He goes to one store; I go to the other. We text each other if an item is not there or if there is a better deal. It was revolutionary when he started shopping for/with me. Typically before that he would look at the receipt and think, “you spent WHAT on THAT?” Now he knows the effort I am putting in to get the best prices.

My GOAL for this summer is to teach my children how to do this. I am going to start with my oldest, 16yrs. I’ll have her go through the process with me and pick a meal that she wants to prepare for us during the following weeks. My job as a parent is to teach my children how to be independent. This is a great way to do this and to have meals prepared for me as a bonus! Boo-Yah!!

What is your process for grocery shopping? Will any of my ideas help your shopping run smoother?


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