What a #@&% week!

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
― Dwight D. Eisenhower

The plan I had for this past week went by the wayside from the very beginning.  Sunday I was gone the entire day (for fun stuff thankfully!) and so I did not get a chance to do my grocery shopping until late that evening.  By the time I got home and put it all away I was ready for bed! Monday morning the plan was to make beignets at the office for a fun and social event.  But Monday was Tax Day and I work in a wealth advisory firm.  My phone was ringing off the hook from CPAs asking last minute questions on client’s tax info and clients calling to have money transferred to their checking accounts so that they could pay Uncle Sam!  Each day I ended up at the office for 10+ hours and the beignets are still waiting to be made! Then there was the rain and flooding making my commute even longer than the already 50 minute one way ride at the end of the week.  But I made it to the weekend!  Oh, but Saturday’s eye doctor appointment brought the diagnosis of inflammation of the retina in my left eye and now I need to see a retinalogist ASAP. So tomorrow morning I will be calling to get an appointment.  Oh, and the check engine light is back on in my car.  So yes, my plan for the week was useless.  But planning means I can handle all the changes, setbacks and disappointments.
My plan had many things on my schedule for today but it’s time to reevaluate and work on only the important items.  So today’s revised list is:
  • Sleep!  No alarm to wake me today.  I got up when my body was ready and I may take a nap later without feeling self indulgent 🙂
  • Laundry – If I want clean clothes this has to be done
  • Food prep – Last week since I was not home on Sunday there was no food prep and with the crazy busy week I either ate fast food, cereal or nothing.  I need to be better prepared this week especially since I have no idea when I’ll be at the doctor or what additional appointments I may have to do.
  • Write and publish post – this didn’t get done last week and it’s important to me.  It may not be what I planned to post but it’s real life!
  • Pay bills and review 1st quarter spending plan
If I have the energy and time there may be a few other items I work on today but I’m not pushing it.  These are the important items to focus on.  The rest will get done it just will take a bit longer.
For my food prep today I made a double batch of gluten free pancakes.  Most will be wrapped and frozen for easy weekday meals in the coming weeks.  I also have brown sugar bacon in the freezer that I made a few weeks ago.
Boneless chicken breasts are marinating in buttermilk right now and I will bake them later tonight along with a few baked potatoes.  I will sauté some mushrooms and onions and pull out a package of frozen corn to complete the meal tonight.  The leftovers from this meal and the tilapia with veggie “salsa” I made last night should cover me for most of my meals this week.
As I look at my week coming up it will again be quite busy.  Tuesday I’m involved in an all day workshop, Saturday we have a Shred It Day for our clients from 9-12 and I’m down two teammates for several days this week at the office.  Add to that the extra doctor’s appointment(s) and I guess I really should take the car in to see what’s going on there!
So while the plan changed and most likely will again; I have survived and can regroup because of the planning I do each week. What about you?  What do you do when the plan goes out the window due to the expected?  How do you get back to your plan?

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