Live Like We are on Vacation (part 2)

I started by asking my kids what they enjoy about going on vacation and here are some of their responses:

  • sleep in
  • relaxing, lack of busy schedule
  • going out to eat
  • read a book
  • being away from home
  • no chores
  • going to special places to do things
  • having fun with the family
  • experiencing new places and culture
  • being able to not do anything

Looking at the list helps me know what my family enjoys. In reality, we can’t do all of the things on the list, all the time. But in moderation, we should be able to hit all the point. For example, “relaxing from a busy schedule,” can’t be done on days that we have many thing to do. Although, I can plan days weekly that we don’t schedule anything. The hard part for me is to say “no.” But, Knowing that having an open day is a priority to our family, I have an easier time to say, “not this time, but thanks for the invite!

  • sleep in  (Because I homeschool , I let the kids sleep until 9:00. On Sat. they can sleep in longer, within reason.)
  • relaxing, lack of busy schedule  (I will try to plan a free day every week.)
  • going out to eat  (This can be costly for a family of 6!  Once a month we will  go out as a family.  We will take turns choosing where to go or what the theme should be.)
  • read a book
  • being away from home (This is tricky, with a family of 6. Anytime we are away from home overnight it is costly. But I will try to have my kids spend the night with friends and family. We also will take a yearly family vacation.)
  • no chores (I think this is going to be a reward for someone caught doing something GREAT, I will do their chores for the day or maybe it will correspond to a consequence for another child.)
  • going to special places to do things (Once a month we will take a family outing. I found some great ideas for my area searching, “Kenosha area visitors bureau.”  I also did the same for both major cities close to us, Milwaukee and Chicago. I’m going to make a list of options and have our family vote on them. That way I will have direction when choosing things to do.)
  • having fun with the family (As my children are growing up so quickly, 16, 14, 12, & 9, I realize that they are wanting to spend more time with friends than family. So the time that we are together, I want to choose fun things to do at home. For example: Nerf war, make a music video, build a Lego town, have a Wii tournament, etc…)
  • experiencing new places and culture (As a homeschool mom this excites me, there are so many ways we can incorporate this in our lives. I was thinking of picking a different culture every two months. The calendar of events in our are will help determine this.)

Our next week is very busy. Every night someone has something. But at the end of the week our church has a women’s conference that my three girls and I will be going to. We will be seeing Natalie Grant and Amy Groeschel. This is NOT meeting the goal of “relaxing, lack of busy schedule,” but totally falls under the “going to special places to do things” category! If you are anywhere close to Kenosha, Wisconsin, come check it out with us!



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