Chanyn’s Monthly Goals 5/13

I love step by step directions when I start something new. So with setting goals, I would like to share with you step by step direction. But I can’t! Goals are as different as fingerprints. Depending on your personality, you will probably identify with the way either Kim, Katie or I set up our goals.

Kim, Katie and I have been getting together quarterly for about 10 years talking about goals. We all like setting goals and realize the importance of them. But we all have different personalities and our needs for setting goals are different.

Kim, is a “Big Picture” girl. She is the one that gets us going and has vision of what the outcome will be. She is also a single working professional. Because of her personality and the fact that she is the only one in her household, she doesn’t have the need for daily or weekly goals. For her, quarterly goals are as often as she needs.

I on the other hand, am a “planner” and a “doer.” I like to organize and create the practical step we will take to accomplish the “Big Picture.”  I do have two part-time jobs, volunteer and homeschool my 4 children. By default, I am the CEO and admin of our home. Quarterly goals are not often enough for my situation. For a while, I tried to set weekly goals. I found that I felt too much pressure to get things done in a week’s timeframe. It also seemed to be repetitive. I make a schedule for the week to help organize our family and there are times I will add tasks or goals to it. Monthly goals seem to fit my personality and life right now.

Katie is the “detail” girl. She is also the “motivator” for us. Besides working outside of the home she has two little ones. Because she gets motivated and energized every time she can cross something off her list, weekly goals are right up her ally!

Who do you feel like you identify with? What’s your personality like? What are your need at home or work?

banner 5.13

Spring Clean House
wk 1 – kid’s bedrooms
wk 2 – master bed & bathrooms
wk 3 – living room, family room & kitchen
wk 4 – storage area
Finish Homeschool
Update Transcripts
Create schedule for girls to work
Plan summer calendar
Get info about renting our current home
Get pre approved for loan on new home
Create schedule for blogging for the summer
Hope you have a wonderful May! Be Blessed.

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