Katie’s Weekly Menu 5/12

Weekly Menu

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas out there!

I am excited for Mother’s Day, a day where my husband is doing the cooking! He really is a very good cook. We used to take turns cooking, before we had kids. But with our schedules now, I do majority of the cooking. So I am looking forward to a day of relaxing with my family.

My husband is making my favorite breakfast: eggs, bacon and hash browns! And dinner, well I told him to surprise me. He always comes up with interesting and delicious new creations.


Mother’s Day Brunch & Dinner (cooked by my hubby!)


Mexican Stuffed Shells


Mexican Stuffed Shells – I made this ahead of time, so this is unbaked. I can’t wait to bake and eat it!


Crockpot Pork Roast w/ potatoes, onions and carrots

Extra pork: shredded for BBQ pork for the freezer


Broiled cod, Baked potatoes, carrots


Grilled chicken & vegies

Freezer: PB & J Sandwiches


Burgers, Grill potatoes


Left over Buffet

What is cooking in your kitchen this week?

Do you plan your menu out for the week? If so, try this Menu Planning Guide.


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