Katie’s Weekly Menu 5/19

Weekly Menu Tomorrow is my anniversary! 7 years married to my best friend!!!So we are spending the weekend away, which means nice dinners out!

And next weekend, my husband will be out of town all weekend. So that means I probably won’t feel like cooking, and will most likely have outings with family and friends. So I have meals planned, but they are subject to change.

This week will I also be busy outside, preparing to finally plant my vegetable garden!!! So no freezer cooking this week.


Anniversary Dinner


Anniversary Dinner with Family


Burgers & zucchini on the grill, potato wedges


Bloody Mary Chicken, Baked Potatoes, Asparagus



Chicken Stir Fry


Ham & Cheese Omelets



What will you be making this week? If you are looking for ideas, try my Taco Stuffed Shells! They are husband and kid approved!

Taco Stuffed Shells.jpg

Are you trying anything new?

Any recommendations for me to try next week??


3 thoughts on “Katie’s Weekly Menu 5/19

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