A Return to Family Picnics

return to family picnics

Picnics are something I have always loved. Quality family time without disraction of chores, phone calls, TVs, computers, etc…

Before children, Greg and I had picnics at Ravinia, an outdoor concert venue with seating and lawn space. When our children were small, we owned a boat and had a lot of picnics on shore. Today it seems like the only time we have picnics is when we go on a bike rides. I throw peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches in a bag, grab carrots and pretzels, and off we go. The memory is the bikeride. Definately NOT the picnic.

I got an awesome cookbook as a gift from my cousin, Heather Rohm, a few years ago. (She is a graphic designer and stylized al the photos and designed the cookbook. AMAZING!!) As I was looking through it, I thought why can’t I start a tradition of picnics in my family?

I’m so excited to use this cookbook this summer. My goal is to have two picnics each month this summer.


A quiet picnic for two

A big picnic for family and friends


A celebration picnic with family and friends

A picnic with just our kids, maybe at a baseball game


A picnic at the beach

(HOPEFULLY) A house warming picnic/party

What occations this summer could you have a picnic and start a new tradition? Is there something special that you want to share with your family? Taking them on a picnic could be just the time to do it!



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