Katie’s Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu

This week you will see a lot of grilling going on at our house! That is because 1. Its Memorial Day on Monday 2. I will be out-of-town most of the week, and my husband will be doing the cooking! He LOVES grilling!

I am going to Door County, WI for a girls week, and I am so excited! We will be going out to eat, but also trying new recipes. We are all picking a new recipe to try and share with each other. I can’t wait to see what we come up with in the kitchen.

So here is what is planned for the week, but I am sure my husband will switch it up. He is more of a go with the flow kind of guy, a little different from me, Ha!


Breakfast: PB & J Pancakes & sausage

Dinner: Chicken Burrito Bowls

Make Rhubarb Bars (I’ll share these this week!)



Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes (I am going to try these, I think my kids will love them)

Dinner: Burgers, Fries, Fruit


Sweet & Sour Chicken, Fried Rice

Make for vacation: Carmel Pecan Bars (YUM!!)Carmel Pecan Bars


Stuffed Shells, SaladStuffed Shells.jpg


Brats, zucchini, Fruit




Grilled Chicken, zucchini, Fruit

What are you planning on or thinking about eating this? Do you have any recommendations for me to try while I am on vacation?

Have a delicious week!


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