Chanyn’s Monthly Goals 6/13

We are buying a new house! Closing in THREE weeks… CRAZINESS! My monthly goals have now changed because of this.

I do want to share an outline map that I used as we decided to buy a house. The last time we moved was 19 years ago, I used all the help I could get!

Real Estate Purchase

Monthly title May

Spring Clean House
wk 1 – kid’s bedrooms
wk 2 – master bed & bathrooms
wk 3 – living room, family room & kitchen
wk 4 – storage area
Finish Homeschool
Update Transcripts
Create schedule for girls to work
Plan summer calendar
Get info about renting our current home
Get pre approved for loan on new home
Create schedule for blogging for the summer
June title
Pack the house
-storage area
-kids bedrooms
-master bedroom
-family room & living room
Keep house clean for showings
Label boxes
-room it will go in
-what’s in the box
Paint & Repair any issues in old house
Plan the move
-specifics on each date
-helpers on each date
-food on each date
To be totally honest I’m feeling overwhelmed!! But, breaking this daunting task down into separate goals, that are achievable, calms me down and focuses me. These goals make me excited to get started.
I’ll keep you posted on how the move is going! Until next week, be blessed.

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