Katie’s Weekly Menu 6/30

Weekly Menu

I am back to cooking this week! Well sort of….I will be gone on Tuesday and we will be out of town Saturday and Sunday. We are going to continue using up all the yummy food I have in the freezer &  grill out a lot this week!

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Quick update on the Trio!

summer adirondack chairs reading

I thought this summer there would be time to slow down and relax….Hmmm….well I did have that during my time up north but since I have been back it has been NON STOP!  And not just for me but it seems everyone I talk to has the same complaint.  Rush, rush, rush!  And in all the madness of the past two weeks, creating posts has gone to the bottom of the priority list.  So this is our quick update from all three of us.

Chanyn and family moved into their new home. Yeah!  But that means LOTS of unpacking and organizing a family of six.  And the new house has a huge yard so that means some quality time mowing grass with all this rain we have had recently.  Add to that shuttling kids to jobs and activities, her part time jobs and the normal, everyday life responsibilities and well, I’m not sure she even sleeps anymore!

Katie had her daughter’s Princess Birthday Party last week so there was food to make, decorations to buy, amazing cupcakes and cookies to make/decorate (yes, they were amazing and hopefully she will share some pictures and recipes soon!).  Then there was unexpected trip to the Urgent Care for her daughter with an infected insect bite that had her eye and part of her face swollen.  She picked strawberries today so expect some ideas on how to use strawberries soon.

I have been putting in quite a few extra hours at the office the last two weeks with numerous client meetings and work events.  Then there have been a few social events along with the normal, everyday stuff needs to get done (why do we need to eat everyday and have clean clothes???) and before I knew it, it was 10pm every night.  But I did have a breakthrough on Thursday on how to do the chapters in the book that I am starting to write.  The outline and overall theme is now all set and today’s task is to finish Chapter One.

We promise to be back to our normal schedule of posts next week.  I know Katie is working on a few new recipes, Chanyn has her Part Two on moving and I have a post of fun things to do and see in Door County that I am working on. Thanks for hanging in there with us as we navigate our busy summer lives!

Katie’s Weekly Goals 6/17

Weekly Goals

What a busy weekend!! We were busy all day Saturday and Sunday, so I didn’t get started on anything for my daughter’s birthday party. So now it is crunch time. The party is Saturday, and we have lots to do! I will spending most of my free time working on projects for the party. I love making my kids parties extra special! Lots of homemade decorations. And lots of homemade cupcakes and cookies! Continue reading

Katie’s Weekly Menu 6/16


This week we will spending quite a bit of our time getting ready for our daughter’s 4th Birthday Party on Saturday. It does not seem like she can be 4 already!!! So I am keeping the meals simple and using meals from the freezer.

I went to a Wildtree Freezer Cooking party last week. You bring meat and some vegies all cut up and bagged to the party. Then at the party you add the seasonings and some oils and make 10 meals for your freezer. How awesome is that?! I want to try out the meals, Continue reading

DO’s for a Positive Moving Experience PART 1

I always thought we had a small house. We do have a small house. That’s why we are moving! But we are a family of 6, which means lots, lots, and lots of stuff! SIX times the stuff! My takeaway is that I’m super-de-duper good at organization. How in the world did I find a spot for everything?!?

Packing a whole house in THREE WEEKS is a task in itself. I’d like to share some Do’s that I have Continue reading