Summer Bucket List 2013

Summer Bucket List

It’s Summer!!!

Are you and your family as excited as we are?!?!

We came up with a list of activities to do this summer. Some are free and some have a cost. Some we can do outside and some are for indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating. Some are local and some are a little drive. Some are things we do every year and some are new things. But they are all things the whole family can enjoy!

Now that my daughter is done with school, we can’t wait to get started on our Summer Bucket List!

I created this Summer Bucket List sheet that you can print out and add your activities to each box. You can choose to do one page (20 activities) or both pages (40 activities). Print the sheet in Landscape. If you want to do one page, put in a 8×10 frame, you will just have to trim a little off the sides. If you choose to do both pages: print in landscape, put both a 11 x 17 frame. I bought a 11 x 17in Quick Frame from Hobby Lobby for $6.99 and used a 40% off coupon. Very reasonable price! Now once you have filled in your bucket list and framed it, you can use a dry erase marker to cross off  the activities as you do them! The marker comes off easily with a damp cloth.  You can print off this Summer Bucket List every year.

Here is our Summer Bucket List for 2013:


  1. Go to the Milwaukee Zoo (we have a zoo pass, so we can do this as many times as we want)
  2. Go to the Kenosha Dinosaur Museum
  3. Play in the sprinkler
  4. Make Frozen Popsicle Chalk
  5. Go to the beach (probably Lake Andrea)
  6. Picnic lunch at the park by our house
  7. Catch fireflies
  8. Pick strawberries (at Thompson Strawberry Farm)
  9. Watch fireworks
  10. Play on blow up water slide
  11. Go out for ice cream
  12. Build a fire and make s’mores
  13. Play hopscotch
  14. Build a fort inside on a rainy day
  15. Go to Farmers Market (Kenosha HarborMarket)
  16. Look at the stars, find constellations
  17. Make homemade ice cream
  18. Make homemade smoothie popsicles
  19. Grandparent pictures – June, July (4th of July theme), August
  20. Make bird feeders using toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and bird seed
  21. Go to splashpad
  22. Picnic lunch inside on a rainy day
  23. Go see a movie
  24. Go to Betty Brinn Museum (we have a yearly pass, so we can go on rainy days)
  25. Go to Monkey Joes
  26. Go to library story time
  27. Do the Jelly Belly Tour
  28. Go to Wisconsin State Fair
  29. Go to Irish Fest
  30. Take Great Grandma out for lunch
  31. Go to a parade
  32. Make strawberry shortcake
  33. Plant flowers & Plant vegetable garden
  34. Fly kites
  35. Make Bouncing Bubbles
  36. Go to Circus World
  37. Have a movie night with stovetop popcorn
  38. Have lunch with daddy at work
  39. Visit a farm
  40. Make giant ice cube with toys

I love having this Summer Bucket List so that every day we can look at the list and pick an adventure. My kids cannot read yet, so I can give them 3 options to choose from.  We can choose based on the weather, how much time we have, and if we want to spend any money.

What adventures do you and your family have planned this summer?

If you are in Wisconsin, why not try one of the great things to do in Wisconsin from our list. Not in Wisconsin? Why not plan a vacation here! Or look at what great places you have in your state. Try being a tourist in your own town, you’ll never know what fun is around your own corner.

Have a fun summer!!!


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