My 9 goals to get me back to a healthy lifestyle

Well I am back to my “normal” life and have decided to get back to a healthy lifestyle.  Three weeks of vacation has given me a new lease on life.  I am well rested, tan and happy but it has taken a toll on my waist line!  The wine and Rumchata has shown up on my hips!  Time to get serious!

So I started on Sunday. As part of my updated goals which I will be sharing with you next week I am doing the following:

* No fast food for 30 days

* Reduce soda to one per day

* Workout 5 times per week

* Drink at least 48 oz of water per day

* Eat 5 small meals per day

* Daily food journal

* Cook healthy meals (lots of fresh veggies and lean protein)

* Reduce sugar and carbs

* Weekly menu plan, grocery shop and cook on Sundays

I really didn’t eat much fast food while on vacation and as long as I have healthy food prepared and ready in the refrigerator I am not tempted to stop on the way home to pick up a quick meal.

I am a carbonation and caffeine addict so reducing down to one soda per day is my compromise. As I reduce my sugar intake my cravings for soda should decrease.

I have worked out three times so far this week. My plan is to do my belly dancing DVD this week, next week my Bob Harper kettle bell workout DVD, the following week is Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and then repeat. I tend to get bored easily and this will help me keep some variety in my workouts and work different body areas without too much thinking!

With my work schedule it is a challenge to have several small meals each day but so far so good. With some planning I have been able to do the 4 meals throughout my day in between my meetings. My water intact is back up to around 40 oz but that does require quite a few trips to the bathroom!

My food journal is up to date and I have stayed out of the candy bowl at the office. I made quinoa on Sunday which is a great carb alternative and tastes great!

Sunday I sat down and planned out my weekly meals, did a quick run to the grocery store and then made a delicious healthy veggie loaded dinner. I also prepped my dinner for Tuesday night so it was much easier pull it all together after I did my workout.

My overall goal is eat healthy and move my body. I am not going to focus on any of the numbers but will only be looking to keep the nine goals that I listed above. How I feel, how my clothes fit and how others see me will show me my progress.

What are your health goals? What have you done to lead a more healthy lifestyle?

what did you do today


3 thoughts on “My 9 goals to get me back to a healthy lifestyle

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