DO’s for a Positive Moving Experience PART 1

I always thought we had a small house. We do have a small house. That’s why we are moving! But we are a family of 6, which means lots, lots, and lots of stuff! SIX times the stuff! My takeaway is that I’m super-de-duper good at organization. How in the world did I find a spot for everything?!?

Packing a whole house in THREE WEEKS is a task in itself. I’d like to share some Do’s that I have learned over the last week.

  • DO – GET MOVERS  In hopes of saving money and making use of all the teen age boys who are willing to impress my teen age daughters, we first decided to move ourselves. But as I pack box after box, carry it out to the garage, I realized that I am moving our whole house. I don’t want to do it twice! The peace of mind is worth every penny! I know that the movers know how to get couches up stairs, move pianos without breaking them and get a washer and dryer out of the basement.

box label

  • DO – PACK THOUGHTFULLY When I packed a box, I made sure that I labeled it. 1 What room I need it to go in: 2 what is in the box. Because we are using movers, I want them to be efficient in their job. Every box is stared and circled as to which room they need to deliver it to.
  • DO – MAKE YOUR CHILDREN HELP As much as I LOVE being in control of everything, knowing where everything is and deciding what should stay or go, I really let my kids be in charge of their own rooms. 1 It’s their stuff and garbage. 2 I have plenty of other rooms to take care of. 3 It irritates me when I’m packing non-stop and my children are watching TV and asking what’s for dinner. I did pack WITH my 9-year-old son. But for the most part, the other 3 were on their own.


  • DO – HAVE A PLAN My plan was to start in our basement storage area. Most everything was already in a tub or box, all I had to do was reorganize them and donate or toss things we no longer need. The kids also started with the stored items in their rooms. As boxes were packed during the day, they were brought upstairs by the front door. At the end of the day, that group of boxes was taken outside in the garage.
  • DO – KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN Because  we were taking boxes out to the garage daily, our house wasn’t for the most part getting trashed in the process. We wanted to rent our home so we needed to keep it clean for showings. Although the people looking at my home knew we were moving, for them the best experience would be to have the house as clean as possible.
  • DO – WRITE DOWN AND DOUBLE CHECK TIMES AND DATES OF SHOWINGS There is nothing worse than having a prospective renter show up at your house in the middle of packing, doing laundry, starting dinner and yelling at a disrespectful child! I had so many things on mind. When the realtor called I thought she said “TOMORROW,” she said, “TODAY.” I had a feeling right before I hung up the phone to confirm the day and time… but I didn’t. Although I was very apologetic and willing to show the house right then, the prospective renter went away irritated and angry. We never heard from her again. (I really think it was a blessing. I don’t want a renter who gets annoyed with people making mistakes because I make a lot of them!)


  • DO – GET THINGS OUT OF RAFTER IN GARAGE BEFORE YOU PACK IT FULL OF BOXES The garage is full. The house is rented, praise GOD! We started staging boxes downstairs. As my husband and I were talking about what’s left to do, the light bulb turned on. We will either re-arrange boxes to get things down or we will get things down as the movers empty the garage.

sliver desk

teal chest

  • DO – MAKE MOVING A FUN EXPERIENCE Moving is WORK there is no doubt. And my children don’t really like work. I remind them of the payoffs, new house, own rooms… but that will only go so far. Don’t get me wrong, my children are amazing! They helped most of the time without complaining. So during the process, I tried to think of things that would be fun and give us a break. 1 One thing we did was to go to breakfast during a showing. The kids help me clean and the reward was pancakes with Grandma! 2 I packed and found toys that they hadn’t played with for a while, like scooters, I suggest that they take periodic breaks and play outside. 3 Movie night. Some days we worked all day and just ordered pizza and watched a movie. 4 As we are packing and getting ready to move, I’m talking to the kids about what they want their rooms to be like. All three girls drew plans for their rooms. In between packing boxes we have spray painted a makeup table silver, painted a wooden chest teal blue, put feet on an old trunk and paint 2 chairs for desks. Looking forward to what the rooms will be like helps keep them motivated!

Although you may not be in the moving process right now, what can you do to organize your home for a move in the future? Any areas in your home that you need to de-clutter?

Until next time, be blessed!


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