Katie’s Weekly Menu 6/16


This week we will spending quite a bit of our time getting ready for our daughter’s 4th Birthday Party on Saturday. It does not seem like she can be 4 already!!! So I am keeping the meals simple and using meals from the freezer.

I went to a Wildtree Freezer Cooking party last week. You bring meat and some vegies all cut up and bagged to the party. Then at the party you add the seasonings and some oils and make 10 meals for your freezer. How awesome is that?! I want to try out the meals, then I can decide if I want to have a party of my own. And this is the perfect week to try a few of them out since we are so busy! I’ll let you know how we like the meals. I am really hoping we love them!


Dinner with family for Father’s Day




Grilled Chicken breasts, carrots, broccoli


Grilled Tilapia (from Freezer cooking party),grilled tomatoes, and corn on the cob


Ribs (freezer cooking party), baked potatoes


Hot dogs or burgers, jojos


My daughter’s 4th birthday party!!!!

What are you cooking up in your kitchen this week? Anything special? Trying any new recipes?


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