Woo hoo! Summer update for Kim!

Kim’s Updated Goals

summer beach with umbrella

Yeah summer weather is finally here! Sunshine, longer days, beautiful warm weather, casual summer living. It’s my favorite time of the year. I have my summer bucket list printed out and in a frame that sits on my kitchen counter so I can see it every day. I have made plans to experience many of those fun items on my list and some will just be on the spur of the moment cuz that’s what summer is all about!

Last week I set aside some time to review my Three Focus Words and how they are being integrated into my goals. I also updated my goals for the next 90 days. It was a good time to review what I have either accomplished or currently working on and then to review those items that either haven’t made it high enough on the priority list or perhaps need to be removed or postponed. When I look at my goals I want to be optimistic but also realistic. I may not always have control over my time and instead of being disappointed I want to evaluate based on what works for me now.

So here is my updated goals in my five main categories: Physical, Personal/fun, Financial, Career and Blog/Writing. I also included my three focus words at the top to give me some framework to build off of.

Kim's Updated Goals

Kim’s Updated Goals

Last week I wrote about my goals for getting back to a healthy lifestyle here. I am happy to report that I am doing well on most of those goals so far (yeah!).

The Personal/fun is a major part of my goals for the summer months. I want to really enjoy the summer weather, friends/family and do quite a few fun outings this year. And cross off everything from my Summer Bucket List!  And I want to incorporate a healthier balance of work and life. I don’t want to get so burnt out again.

Financial goals: I have set up my mint.com account and if you have not heard of it go check it out! It is a great site to aggregate all of your finances to be able to see it at a glance. You need to have your online login and passwords for your bank accounts, investment account, mortgage and credit cards. What they do is pull of all your accounts into one place for you see everything and create a balance sheet for you. You can add it cars, personal property, etc. And it’s FREE! They make money if you click through on any of the suggestions that they give you. The first one that came up for me was that I spend a lot of money on gas (I drive a minimum of 90 miles each day) and that I should consider a credit card that does a high cash back on gas. When I first heard of mint.com several years ago I was hesitant to give a company all my logins/passwords for my accounts. Then two years ago I had the opportunity to meet Aaron Patzer, the man who created the site and then sold it to Intuit, at a conference. I was very impressed with what he created and the security/encryption that they use. It just took me two years to sit down and set up the account! It’s very user friendly and walks you through the set up. I strongly recommend you take a look at it. By using mint.com I will now have much better control of my spending and the rest of my goals will be fairly easy to do.

Career goals: Always a work in progress…stay tuned…

Blog/writing: Ahhh, this is where that discipline focus word comes into play. I enjoy writing. I must make it a discipline to sit down and WRITE. I always have lots and lots of ideas. Now I need to finish up on several of the started posts. This summer it may be that from 8-9 at night is my time to write. Discipline, discipline so I can create!

Now I have a favor to ask of you. If you could, please take a moment share in the comments below what your top one or two goals are for the summer. Don’t be shy! We are all here to encourage and motivate each other to bigger, better and more fulfilled lives. Just be writing it down and sharing it with us can really help you in reaching that goal.

Keeping life just outside my comfort zone!


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