Katie’s Weekly Goals 7/1

Weekly Goals

So last week I took a week off from making goals, and well….I feel so unaccomplished! I am the type of person that will write a list, just to cross things off of the list. I definitely have to make goals for this week. I need to have my goals to guide me through the week.

Even though I did not write out my goals last week, I still have been keeping busy. Here are some of the things I did the last 2 weeks:

Laundry & house cleaning, Family Devotions, Organize Coupons, Drink at least 50 of water a day (did this most days!),  Work on crocheting baby blanket (worked on this a lot last week), Take walks with kids/family, Make decorations for my daughters princess party, Bake cookies and cupcakes for princess party, Have a fun Princess Birthday Party for my daughter!!!

The Birthday Princess

The Birthday Princess

The Royal Ball Dessert Bar

The Royal Ball Dessert Bar



Cinderella's Glass slippers

Cinderella’s Glass slippers

High Heel Cupcakes

High Heel Cupcakes

Tiara Cookies

I also picked strawberries at a local farm, and used all 28 quarts of strawberries into jam, scones, muffins, ice cream sauce, pureed for smoothies, some for the freezer and some to eat! I LOVE strawberries, can you tell?!




The fruits of my labor!

The Fruits of my labor


Strawberry Scones


Strawberry Muffins


Strawberry Jam



Ok here are my goals for this week. I am excited to get back to my goal making, I am lost without it! I am excited to share some yummy strawberry recipes this week.

This Week

Every week:

Laundry & house cleaning

Meal Planning

Freezer Cooking: None this week, my freezer is packed! I need to make room for all the jam!

Family Devotions 4x week

Organize Coupons

Read 20 min before bed

Drink at least 50 of water a day

Blog Goals

Weekly Menu Post

Weekly Goal Post

Write  Recipe Post: Crockpot rotisserie chicken, Strawberry jam, Strawberry Shortcake

 Write post on exploring our summer bucket list

Other Goals

Work on crocheting baby blanket 3days for at least 20 min (I am hoping to crochet in the car on our road trip!)

Take a walk with kids/family 3x week

Make Homemade Vanilla Yogurt

Thank you cards for my daughter’s party

Start my son on a low salicylate diet (trying it out to see if it helps with his tantrums and sleeping)

Pack for the weekend

How have you been doing on your goals? What did you accomplish last week? What do you really want to accomplish this week that you didn’t last week? I’d love to help encourage you on your goals, share your goals in the comments or link up to your post. Let cheer each other on!

Have a great, goal achieving week!


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