Is Your Future Bigger than Your Past??

Dream property

Dream property

I know I promised a post on fun places to go in Door County but this is something that is currently weighing heavily on me. I should have the Door County post up by this weekend – thanks for your patience!

Most people fall into one of two categories. They either believe that the best years of their life are behind them and now are just trudging through life just surviving. Ok, maybe that’s a bit rough of a description but you get the idea. Or you have the person who believes that each day brings bigger and better opportunities and they are constantly striving to learn and grow. Which one are you?

I’m sure each of us knows someone who loves to tell stories of their exploits and accomplishments from high school or college. For these individuals the past is where their greatness was. Everything now is about that past. The future as they sees it is somewhat bleak and unpromising. Perhaps at some point in our life we have BEEN this person. Maybe it was just for a moment when we felt like the future was dome and gloom.

How often do you feel that your future is bigger and better than your past? Are you goal oriented? Are you a learner? For those who believe that their future is much bigger than their past life is exciting and rewarding.

Obviously I (and both Katie & Chanyn since that is really the overall theme of our blog!) believe in a much bigger future. I am continually dreaming and planning on how to reach higher goals. In fact, after my recent three week stay in Door County I have decided that in the somewhat near future (perhaps 5 years?) I want to purchase waterfront property somewhere around Sturgeon Bay. I actually found property that I love but I’m not financially ready to take on that debt. Yet. You see now that I have identified this very strong desire and passion to have a getaway in Door County I can start setting the necessary goals to reach my end result. I’d say that I’m looking at having a much bigger future than my past. And this is just one of the many goals that I use to keep drawing me further ahead.

But what happens when you have friends or family that are that first type of individual? Don’t you feel like they can be an anchor around you and are dragging you down? They are the first to tell you that you’re just being a dreamer. Why would you want to work extra hard for that promotion and the additional salary? Shouldn’t you just be happy that you are still breathing and have a job? They are the Negative Naysayers and that can be a very difficult situation. What do you do?

You really have two choices: Work with them to bring them around to positive side of a bigger future or in some cases you just have to limit your time spent with them. I know it may seem rather harsh but think about this quote:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn

Now think about who those five people are in your life. Are they positive people who encourage you, lift you up and push you forward? Or are they the opposite? Negative, life sucks and everyone is out to get me kind of attitude?

Who you spend your time with makes a huge difference in your life. That’s why we tell our young people to choose their friends wisely. For those of us that are not exactly young (at least in years) anymore we may have friends that we no longer have much in common. People grow at different speeds. Your life experiences have helped shape you to who you are today. And we all have are own paths. Make sure you are on YOUR path and that the companions along that path are motivating you toward a future much bigger than your past!

I’d love to hear your comments on any big goals you are contemplating or how you are making your future bigger! And please sign up for the email option to receive our posts.


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