Five Minute Friday: Beautiful (albeit a day late!)

IMG_1114Here I go! This is my first time linking up with the other ladies at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog for Five Minute Friday.

The objective? Write unedited, unscripted, unfixed for five minutes on the prompt she gives. Then link up on her blog with the others who accepted the challenge.

This week’s topic: Beautiful.


A dear friend who power washes your deck and trims your trees and helps with other little tasks around the house.  The brand new look to that deck without all the dirt and grim.  The joy of sleeping in for a few days over a long weekend.  The eye doctor telling me that I do not have to come back and that the flashing light in my left eye is most likely from ocular migraines.

The color green.  In the trees, in the grass and in the field across from my house.  And even in the weeds that still adore my backyard “jungle”.  The lavender on my front walk that you can now see since those weeds have now been removed.

Photos of my nieces and nephew that are now in new frames and sitting in my living room with all of their happy, smiling faces.  They make me smile.


The start of my weekend with Rumchata coffee, clear blue skies, warm summer breeze and birds singing as I sit on this nice clean deck.  The words of truth and honesty in a conversation last night.  The power of those words to push us forward and make changes in our lives.  Oh and the glorious piles of books that surround me lately.  So many that I am having a difficult time keeping up but what a wonderful “problem” to have.  Too many books!


There are more unscripted words on beauty found on Lisa-Jo Baker’s site. Head there now, and have fun reading!

Five Minute Friday


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