The Move is Done… Do’s for a Positive Moving Experience PART 2

New House

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks!! We’ve been in the new for 16 days and I would say that we are 95% moved in. Here are some of the Do’s that I would like to share with you.

  • Organize Key Rooms First 1 Kitchen, 2 Bathroom & 3 Bedrooms. I had my mom and mother-in-law on kitchen duty. The day we closed my mother-in-law and I packed out the kitchen, pantry, refrig, dishes, glasses, pots and pans. My mom met us at the new house an away they went. It made it really nice the following day when the movers came and we had a working kitchen. The bathroom… enough said! With all the physical activity that comes with moving, having your bed set up on the first night is key!
  • Plan Meals During the Moving Process – Eating is a necessity. To cut down on fast food for days in a row, have meals prepared and planned out, hot beef sandwiches, sloppy joes, pizza, etc… Quick but nourishing food for breakfasts. If friends offer to help but can’t physically help move things, suggest cooking a meal.
  • Mentally think of things that friends can help with – I had tons friends offering to help and had to quick think of things when they got here. After the first few times I realized that I need to save the easy stuff for friends. 1 Putting together shelves, 2 hanging clothes, 3 unpack books, 4 unpack dishes or china, or 5 put towels and bedding in linen closet. Know that you will change things as you live in the house, so let friends do what ever they can to help, it will be perfect later.
  • Have Bins – 1 Tool Bin and 2 I don’t Know Bin. Loosing tools is common in a chaotic situation so to prevent that I had a tool bin. Whenever I found a tool lying around I’d put it in the tool bin. My husband would check there first. The “I don’t know bin” was where I’d put things so I could keep on unpacking and not get sidetracked when things popped up and I didn’t know where I wanted them in the new house.
  • Have an office area – the moment you move in you will receive mail. As to not miss place something important, I made an office area right away. I  figured out where I thought I would want it and put an end table there. We put keys, receipts, new mail, old mail and important papers.

I love our new house. Everyone asks me if it feels like home yet… it does! It seems like I’m cleaning non-stop, where would you do that besides home? But seriously, it does feel like home with my family here.

Be Blessed!


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