Chanyn’s Monthly Goal for 7/13

OK, so my 16 and 14 year old daughters were at a birthday party. I was a little irritated that they weren’t keeping me posted on what was going on. They left the party at 11:00pm and were heading home. I took my cell phone with me to bed. 12:03am I here the phone ring. It was the 14 year olds. I answer it.


“Mom, the police officer wants to talk to you.” (#1 thing a mom doesn’t want to here!)

“WHAT?!?!” I’m screaming in my mind. “OK,” I say.

“Ma’am, did your daughter tell you about the accident?” (#2 thing a mom doesn’t want to hear!)

“WHAT?!?! My mind is still screaming. “No,” I say.


He basically said that the car they were riding in rear-ended a car stopped on a railroad tracks. It was minor. He wanted my permission to not take them to the hospital. They said they were fine. He also said that he was going to give them a warning because they were violating curfew. They came home safely. Their friend, who was driving, came in and apologized. Although I hated the phone call, I feel really blessed that it was only that. It was a huge teaching moment for us. And… This is where my first Monthly Goal came from:

Evaluate boundaries for kids

– Curfew

-Cell phones

-Internet/computer time

-TV shows and time

House Goals

– Go through hanging pictures and decide which I want to keep

– Donate those I want to use

– Buy a kitchen table

-Tighten door knobs

-Re-key outside doors


– Plan curriculum for the 2013-14 school year

– Finish highschool transcripts

I just want to encourage you to look on the positive side of things. Use bad situations as teaching opportunities for your family.

Be blessed!


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