Katie’s Weeklu Menu 7/21

Katie's Weekly Menu

I am excited to have the temperatures dropping this week! I am just not a girl who likes 90 degree weather. I much prefer it to be in the 70s and that is what they are forecasting this week. But we all know forecasts are subject to change! So I planning an oven free week again, just in case. Also my hubby will be gone part of the week, so I am planning on easy meals. Here is what I will be cooking in my kitchen this week:


PB & J Pancakes

  • Sunday: Dinner out!
  • Monday:  Chicken Burgers, carrots, corn on the cob
  • Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Wednesday: PB & J Pancakes, sausage, fruit
  • Thursday: Chicken Burrito Bowls
  • Friday: Dinner at family
  • Saturday: Leftover Buffet
Chicken Burrito Bowls

What are you having this week?

Are you avoiding the oven due to the high temperatures? What is your favorite “oven free” meal?

What are your favorite go to meals for a busy week?

I hope this menu plan gives you some ideas for you meal planning this week!

Looking for more meal ideas….take a look at orgjunkie.com!


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