Healthy Lifestyle – one month update

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About six weeks ago I did a post on my 9 goals for a healthy lifestyle and it’s time for an update. It has been a constant struggle to keep up with all of these on a daily basis. Along the way I have learned a few things and am still struggling with how to create a better life/work balance. Here are those 9 original goals:

* No fast food for 30 days

* Reduce soda to one per day

* Workout 5 times per week

* Drink at least 48 oz of water per day

* Eat 5 small meals per day

* Daily food journal

* Cook healthy meals (lots of fresh veggies and lean protein)

* Reduce sugar and carbs

* Weekly menu plan, grocery shop and cook on Sundays

Most weeks the fast food has been greatly decreased. If I do my weekly menu planning, shopping and cooking on the weekend then there is not much need to go through the drive through.

Lesson One: If the week doesn’t start off well on Sunday it all goes down hill quickly.

Reducing my soda intake over all has been pretty good. I’ve switched to drinking some lemonade to help increase the water totals and I am craving the soda less and less….but the carbonation is still an addiction.

Lesson Two: Try carbonated water to fill the need for carbonation.

Working out? hahahaha! The last 3-4 weeks have been really tough. My energy level is at an all time low and the migraines/headaches have been much worse. I have never experienced such fatigue as I have recently. By Friday (sometimes Thursday) I am so worn out that all I can do is sleep. I am suspecting that a hormonal imbalance is at least a partial culprit and am doing some research on what I need to do to help balance things out.  I continue to schedule it  in my calendar and working on getting home by 6:30pm on a more regular basis so I have time in the evenings.

Lesson Three: Be you own advocate for your health! Research, read and talk with your peers. I am reading What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause: Balance Your Hormones and Your Life From Thirty to Fifty and am realizing that I am not alone and I am NOT crazy!  I need to write more about this in another post as I am learning far more than I ever expected about hormones, receptors and chemistry!

Drinking water – most days its at least 40 oz plus coffee and some soda. It’s consistent and getting better so I am happy with these results.

Lesson Four: Always keep the water bottle full and next to you.

Daily food journal – on the weeks that I was faithful on my journal I know I ate less. It makes you think about what you put into your mouth if you have to write it down and I have two accountability partners who have access to my journal to help with motivation.

Eating several small meals each day – that worked for the first week or so then my schedule got packed with client meetings and several extra projects.  I need to get back into taking a few moments at mid morning and mid afternoon for a small meal (cheese, crackers and apple or something similar).  I am also realizing that my morning zone bar is just not enough to get me full for more than an hour or two.

Lesson Five: Make time for the healthy snacks by adding it to my schedule.  Then no one can fill my calendar with back to back meetings that leave me exhausted, hungry and crabby!  Make sure these items are purchased on the weekend grocery trip (Harbor Market or Woodmans) and available at work.

Lesson Six: writing it down WORKS – keep doing it!

Cook healthy meals – oh, how I suck at doing this on a consistent basis! I do not enjoy cooking for myself and most days would prefer that eating was something that we did not have to do!  Now I love eating and I love cooking for the fun of cooking. But Sundays tend to be the drudgery of a forced cooking afternoon in order to have food for the week. I don’t get home until 630pm at the earliest and usually closer to 7:30 – 8:00pm so cooking during the week is not an option most nights.

Lesson Seven – Help!!! I don’t have one! I’m looking for suggestions and ideas on how to get good, nutritious meals into my refrigerator without me cooking! Leave a comment below if you have any good ideas, have tried ordering online for prepared food that is delivered, maybe shared cooking with a group of friends???  I’m desperate here and need some suggestions. 🙂

Reduce sugar and carbs – some weeks it works and others not so much. Again, some of the cravings, mood swings, etc seem to be hormone related and I am starting to track it.

Lesson Eight: Don’t keep it in the house, drink a glass of water before each meal and brush teeth after dinner.

Meal planning I have done every week except for one so that definitely works.  If I do the planning on Friday night then I can shop better at Market for produce and then pick up the rest of my list at the grocery store.  The weekends have been busy this summer so Sundays have been a challenge to get the cooking done (plus I seem to dread it more and more).

Lesson Nine: Friday nights – do the meal plan and grocery list.  Saturday morning – visit Market and grocery store and maybe as a special bonus pick up some beautiful flowers at market to have in the kitchen!  Sunday afternoon – cook at least one meal and prep for another.  Divide and conquer!

Overall given my work schedule and other commitments I am ok with how I am doing. It is a work in progress and I am not looking for perfection – only that I keep moving forward. I think it is good to reevaluate any health/fitness program and see what tweaks need to be made. I have also been conscious of having fun this summer and have checked off many things from my Summer Bucket List. So as I have been mindful of taking time to enjoy myself, have fun and relax I need to be equally mindful of taking care of myself by being consistent in my health goals.

Please share me in the comments below or email me at some of your ideas for cooking or anything that you are doing to make your life healthier!

Enjoy your day!

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