Love Notes…

love note

As we were unpacking from the move, I found some old letters from when my husband and I were dating. We were high school sweethearts. We dated our junior and senior years in high school and all 4 years of college. That’s a lot of letter writing. I even made a photo album of cards he sent me, letters, movie stubs we saw etc… What I didn’t realize is that he saved all of my letters too. “Awe…”

There was so much I threw away in the move; but I couldn’t bring myself to toss them. All the tv shows say that if you aren’t going to display it or use it, it should be thrown away. I tried to think of how I can go through them and use them in some way. Sitting down at one time and reading all of them is overwhelming to me.

Then, I was thinking about all the marriage counseling that I hear about. One of the first things they ask a couple is: “What did you like about him/her when you were dating or first got married.” I have it all written down! What we did, what we thought about, what made us mad.

This is my GOAL for the rest of the summer; we will read each other a letter every night, that we had written, 20 some years ago. I will keep some that I want to share with my children and put them in an album. I will toss the ones that really don’t have any value. If nothing else, we will have some great laughs!

I find value in written words. Sharing stories, hopes, and dreams with generations to come. With cell phones and texting, letter writing is becoming a lost art. I encourage my children to write “thank you notes,” for gifts and even acts of kindness. They often act like it’s another chore I’m asking them to do. I hold out hope that someday my children will appreciate what I’m trying to teach them. 🙂

grandma recipe

As a wedding gift, my grandma who is in heaven, gave me a recipe drawer. Most of my recipes are digital or in cookbooks. But I love looking for a recipe and seeing her handwriting. It reminds me of how much she loved me and the time it took her to write each one out. She probably had no idea of the lasting impact that gift would have on my life! I will never get rid of them! (I’m trying to think of ways that I can display them. If you have any ideas, please comment and share!)

During the school year, we will be doing “Family Writing.” Basically, every member of our family will have a composition notebook. Each of us will write about things that happen during the year. For my youngest child, who is 9, I will be writing for him. His words come faster than his ability to write them down. Spelling and penmanship isn’t important. Periodically, I will have the kids edit and revise their writings. The composition books are like journals. I will encourage them to take some postings and illustrate everything instead of writing. Sometimes, I may write in their notebooks: things I caught them doing good, apologies that I need to make to them, funny things they say or do.

Now as far as my husband is concerned, he needs a little more direction. So, I have two books that he will be using. 🙂

legacy book

The first is “A Father’s Legacy.” The book has around 10 pages a month to write on. Each page has a question at the top about his past. Basically it’s writing his life story in his own words.

letters from dad

The second book he has “Letters From Dad.” I love this idea. Men traditionally don’t communicate as much as women. Although when they do, it is so impactful! There are many times that my husband encourages our children.  But in our busy lives, it’s quickly forgotten. Writing letters to our children that can be kept and read over and over again is a precious gift.

After we have gotten the ball rolling on family writing, I will scan different writings to make digital copies for all the kids to have.

How can you share the gift of words with your family or friends? Take a small step this week and bless someone with a card or note!

Be Blessed!


2 thoughts on “Love Notes…

  1. Chanyn, I found an idea on Pinterest last year where you turn old recipes (written by family members) into tea towels. I tried to do it for Christmas gifts, but I didn’t have enough time to figure it out. I will find the link and send it to you. Maybe we can figure it out together. It looked great!

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