Katie’s Weekly Menu 7/28

Katie's Weekly Menu

Last week I did not get to do all the cooking that I wanted to do. My son had a bug bite that caused his face to swell up, which required a few trips to the doctor. Oh Joy! Then a few days later he got hit with a nasty stomach bug. So that halted all cooking that was not on the BRAT diet. I am hoping he can eat some of the meals I have planned this week. But if he can’t, well then toast and eggs or chicken noodle soup it is!

  • Sunday:  Frittata & fried potatoes (also made Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Homemade Gogurts)
  • Monday:  Chicken Burgers and sweet corn
  • Tuesday:  Red Pepper and Tomato TilapiaRed Pepper and Tomato Tilapia
  • Wednesday:  Grilled Chicken Adobo Chicken Skewers (from Wildtree Freezer cooking party)
  • Thursday:  Tacos (extra taco meat for the freezer)
  • Friday:  Steak, sautéed red wine mushrooms, roasted potatoes, salad
  • Saturday: Dinner with my family

What do you like to eat when you have a stomach bug?

What is on your menu this week? Did you make something yummy that you think I should try?

For more menu ideas check out orgjunkie Menu Plan Monday!

Have a delicious week!


2 thoughts on “Katie’s Weekly Menu 7/28

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