How to build a better weekend!

i just love weekends

I had a wonderful weekend. The weather cooperated, it was relaxing, there was time for friends and family and I got stuff accomplished! It was like all the stars aligned perfectly for me (especially after a very difficult week). It got me thinking about how to build a better weekend. How can I have most of my weekends work like this?

How about a little bit of history? Do you know how we (as Americans) ended up with weekends? Henry Ford created the five day work week (instead of the then current six days) back in the 1914 along with he doubling the salaries of his workers. He, as a capitalist, was looking to become more efficient and make more money. But Ford Motor Co was spending huge amounts of money on hiring and training employees. By cutting back the hours and increasing the salaries the company spent far less on replacing workers since the turnover rate greatly reduced. And the bonus was now those workers could afford to purchase Ford Motor cars. It was a win/win situation. And the weekend was created!

Being Intentional and Planning

So how can I build out my weekends so I hit the all the main areas: errands/shopping, realization time, socializing and housework/cooking? I looked back at last week’s post to see what I needed to do in order to more forward on my Lessons Learned. It really all centered around being intentional and planning. I needed to follow through on my ideas of planning out my meals and snacks. And I needed to have a list ready for Market and for the grocery store.

Friday night myself, my sisters and their families all ended up at my parent’s house for dinner. It was a nice relaxing end to my crazy week. A little bit of socializing with the family and snuggling with my niece on the couch gave me a much needed boast at the end of the week. I went home and wrote out my meals and had my two grocery lists ready for the morning.

On Saturday my new refrigerator was delivered at exactly the time it was scheduled and it only took the delivery guys 20 minutes to haul my old one out and bring in and set up the new one. Wow! Efficient! Now I had a somewhat empty refrigerator that was begging to be filled with fresh, nutritious food. By 11am I was off to Market with my list.

If you are in the area, you really do need to check out the Kenosha Harbor Market. The selection is amazing and so is all the locally grown produce. Here is a photo what I brought home with me. If you are not in the Kenosha area check to see what farmer’s markets are available around you. Ours has gotten so big it’s like a street fair. I think there were over 170 booths last Saturday.

Combine Social/Fun with the Errands

I was able to purchase tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, carrots, red bell peppers, zucchini and awesome sweet corn. I grabbed lunch while I was down there (yummy egg rolls) and visited with a friend for a few minutes who has a booth at Market to sell his handcrafted soaps. The weather was cool for July but sunny and quite enjoyable. The perfect day to wander around down by our beautiful lakefront for awhile and watch the waves. I had two other quick stops on my way back home and then on to prep all those veggies!


Each vegetable was washed, prepped and put into smaller bags to be used throughout the week. I need to be able to grab and go to have as much as possible pre done. By being intention on what I purchased and then prepped it really didn’t take much time. In fact I had time in the evening to get caught up on reading a few magazines and then a nice relaxing bubble bath before bed!

Accomplish Something Right Away in the AM

Now one of the other important items I realized is that the day seems so much longer and you are able to get so much more accomplished when……..wait for it………you get your butt out of bed before 10 (or 11) in the morning. Yeah, DUH! But I have to remind myself this and force myself to just get going! And this weekend my extreme fatigue had let up so it wasn’t as brutal as it has been the last several weeks.

Sunday was just as productive and fun as I was really getting into the Intentionality of my day. Those red bell peppers? I roasted most of them in the oven for last nights Tilapia and veggie salsa. Breakfast? A leisurely meal spent with a friend, good coffee and excellent conversation.

Don’t Forget to let Spontaneity Happen!

My parent’s decided to drop by for dinner Sunday night. They picked up Chinese and came over for a little conversation. Nope, it wasn’t planned and a few things on my to do list didn’t get done but that’s ok. We had a chance to talk, just the three of us and relax. And I still got my most important things crossed off the list. The final load of laundry just ended up being done on Monday night. And I got up early both Monday and Tuesday to do my writing.

This Week’s Payoffs

* Lunches and snacks are all prepped & ready in that beautiful new refrigerator (funny how something new can make you feel better?)

* Trying new things (breakfast muffins – new recipe) and getting back to multiple, smaller meals

* I’ve worked out twice so far!

* Less stress when I get home

* No drive thru meals!

* Better concentration at work

* Waking up just before the alarm at 5:30am (NEVER thought I this would happen to ME!)

Now I realize not every weekend is going to go so smoothly but as long as I have a plan I can make adjustments based on what other things are going on in my life.

What do you do to create a better weekend experience? How do you get all your stuff done in those precious 48 hours?  What’s your secret to a great weekend?



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