Chanyn’s Monthly Goals

This is our last month before the school year starts. There is a little panic that I’m feeling right now thinking about that. So, I close my eyes and take a deep breath in, then out. Then, I pick up my pencil and start organizing my month: setting goals, creating lists for what needs to be done and when, writing down dates that we need to do things, etc… After a plan is made I feel better. The plan won’t be perfect; I’ll change it many times. But, it gets me started in the right direction.

Last month goals were:

Evaluate and Set Boundaries for Kids

– Curfew

-Cell phones

-Internet/computer time

-TV shows and time

House Goals

– Go through hanging pictures and decide which I want to keep

– Donate those I want to use

– Buy a kitchen table

-Tighten door knobs

-Re-key outside doors


– Plan curriculum for the 2013-14 school year

– Finish high school transcripts

We did set curfews for the older girls. Although, if the girls communicate with us we will take it on a case by case basis. I know that teens and communicating usually doesn’t mix. But, one thing we told the girls is that the more they communicate the less rules and boundaries we have to make.  When they choose to stop communicating, we will only have to guess and assume what is happening. I’m sure they will much rather build trust and have more freedom.

I did use Payge’s Sweet Sixteen Party as motivation to go through my last few boxes and hang some pictures. We dropped off some at Goodwill. Also, preparing for the party I had to do a lot of prepping and cooking food. There were not many things that my youngest son could to, but he tightened every door knob. He rocked it out!

Monthly title Aug


-Set boundaries on cell phones/texting

-Set boundaries on computer/internet


-Clear out weeds in backyard

– Buy a kitchen table

-Re-key outside doors


– Plan curriculum for the 2013-14 school year

– Finish high school transcripts

-order curriculum


-plan volleyball clinic

-plan volleyball practices

-volleyball clinic


-make 3 freezer meals

As I am working this month to accomplish these goals, my focus will be on enjoying my family before school is in full swing.

What are some goals that you would like to accomplish before the school year starts?

Be Blessed!


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