Update on Katie’s Yearly Goals


It is more than half way through 2013 already!!! I can’t believe how fast this year has been going. Life definitely speeds up as you get older. Some days though, I wish it would just slow down! But for now, I am just trying to make the most of every day.

Here is an update on how I am doing on my yearly goals:

  • Personal:
  1. Lose 10% body weight (not going very well, I need encouragement from everyone!)
  2. read at least 1 book a month – read 2 books so far
  3. read a nonfiction book – it is next in the pile of books
  4. scrap book day quarterly – office is ready to go, now just need time to scrapbook
  • Health:
  1. follow weight watchers – some days are good, some not so good, must strive to get better at this
  2. stop drinking soda – I am doing good at this, I pretty much just drinking 1-2 a week
  3. drink at least 40oz water a day – I am doing great at this!
  4. elliptical 2x week
  • Financial:
  1. Continue no credit card debt,
  2. no medical debt
  3. increase my 401k 2%
  4. increase hubby 401k 2%
  5. fully fund Disney fund – half way there
  6. fully fund Christmas fund – half way there
  7. fully fund kids college funds
  8. build savings to 6 month emergency fund – not doing great on this, have had a lot of things come up that has up dipping into it instead of building it up….but so glad that we have it to dip into!
  • Relationships:
  1. monthly date night with hubby – Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June
  2. girls day/night bimonthly  – Feb, April,  May, June, July, Aug
  3. monthly family day – Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug
  • Kids:
  1. potty train j
  2. swim lessons for both kids – hope to start in Sept
  3. gymnastic lessons for k She loves it! Signed her up rest of the year!
  4. outings with kids separately bimonthly – I haven’t tracked this, but I think we have done good at this, I’ll have to look back at what we did.
  • Home:
  1. finish decorating playroom – love the painted alphabet
  2. new bedroom furniture – Got a great deal on furniture from a friend that moved into a condo, and it could no longer fit in their room
  3. decorate my office – Done! And it looks pretty good I think…I used leftover paint from my kids rooms, used a sheet as a room divider, and pictures that we didn’t have space to hang in the rest of the house.
  4. make outdoor furniture – my hubby made this awesome table, but wine barrel chairs might have to wait until time in the fall to make them

Ok, I still have some work to do, but there are 5 months left to work on my goals. I know I can accomplish quite a few of them.

What about you, do you have goals set for 2013? Are you on track for accomplishing your goals?


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