Technology and Kids

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As a homeschool mom, I feel that TECHNOLOGY… is such a blessing from God! It has opened doors in my childrens’ education that would never have been there 10 years ago. One of my favorite blogs, The Busy Mom, had a guest blogger, Debra Bell, sharing this exact idea, “Trending Now: 21st Century Homeschooling.” 

Along with this great blessing comes a great responsibility.  As parents, we have to learn how to navigate in this technological world. We don’t have the luxury of previous generations paving the way for us. It’s up to us to be diligent and proactive when it comes to our children and technology.

Daily the news has examples of how technology has been used negatively. But, instead of being fearful or uninformed, I try to educate myself so that I can make the wisest decisions as possible.

One huge resource that I go to for parenting advise is Focus on the Family.  They have an awesome article about technology: “Staying On Top of Your Teen’s Technology.”


These are some of the boundaries that we have set with our children:

  1. Having a cell phone is a privilege not a right. It can be taken away.
  2. Text messages are only deleted by parents.
  3. All texting need to be respectful.
  4. Parents can read text messages at any time. (My children freely share this rule with their friends to encourage “positive’ texting.)
  5. No cell phones during dinner time or family time.
  6. While using technology, if someone talks to you, stop and give them your full attention!
  7. Cell phones are off 1/2 hour before bed time.
  8. All apps need to be approved before they are downloaded.
  9. Computers and smart phones need to be in common areas, not in bedrooms etc…

Do you have a 10 to finish our list? What are some things that have worked and or haven’t worked in your family regarding technology?

As our children grow and technology changes, we will modify the boundaries to fit our family. All of our children are different, so, our boundaries are different depending on the child.

Be Blessed!


5 thoughts on “Technology and Kids

  1. Our two month old isn’t texting yet, but we have already started to discuss how technology will influence his future. I do, however, work with teenagers (I’m one of those crazy Girl Scout Leaders) and think the amount of texting that takes place, instead of face to face interaction, can be a little insane.
    Perhaps an appropriate #10 would be… Don’t text people who are within speaking range. Example: If you are sitting next to someone, in the same room, or even a room a way… just talk to the person… don’t text.

  2. You could add your 10th one as a rule for parents themselves. Since I run a freelance graphic design business I get a lot of requests for me to call people or I get calls at any hour of the day. Today as I went to pick up my child from school I had a FaceBook message come up on my phone asking me to call them. I was tempted to do so, but knew that if I did I would miss that special time that me and my son have on our way home. So I stopped and determined right then, that I will not answer my phone (unless it is an emergency) on my way to dropping my son off at school and on my way back from picking my son up at school. So how to apply this to a homeschooling parent? Determine now, that when there is a good time for instruction with your children that you will not let the phone interrupt your time with your child.

    • That is so true, when we are homeschooling my kids aren’t allowed to use their phones. But often I am checking my phone when I don’t need to. That’s a great reminder!

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