Focus Words Follow-up

Ok, so my focus words for this year were:


Health – Well, I have not been doing very well as far as HEALTH goes. With the move and everything that come along with it, eating healthy hasn’t been a priority. I have been making it a priority to get up early. When Greg gets up for work, I roll out of bed too. I  take an hour to work on the blog. Then, I usually have another hour before the kids wake up. My GOAL is to work out for 30 min during that time.

Another GOAL for “health” during this school year is to have Madyson to help plan out our garden for the spring. Here are some of the materials I have to help her plan.




Also, all the kids will create a health plan that talks about exercise, food, sleep, relationships, etc…

Fresh –  Because we moved in late June, it was too lake in the season to plant a garden. We did find a few farmer’s markets around our new home. We try to stop by once a week to pick up fresh produce.

Reality – This blog has helped me be real. Parenting is all to real. The reality is that as kids grow up the less control we have.


My sixteen year old got her driver’s license last week. There is no control when she walks out the door with the keys in her hand. The only peace I have is knowing that her Heavenly Father is in control of everything. In addition, I pray that the last sixteen years we have taught her enough.

Did you set focus words for the year? How are you doing on your focus words?


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