Getting Organized for the School Year

As the summer is wrapping up, we are getting excited for a new homeschool year. I ran across an awesome post on the She does a fabulous job on breaking down the planning for the new year and explaining the building blocks.

One of my favorite bits of advice she gave was: ” Don’t let yourself be taken hostage by someone else’s idea of what your homeschool should look like, either.  Make it your own.” This is so true! This is a mistake that many new homeschooling families make and then get frustrated. Some even quit because they think “homeschooling is not for them.” When in-fact, it was probably just that someone else’s idea of what homeschool was didn’t fit them.  I can guarantee you that what our family does this year for homeschool is totally different than what we did 9 years ago, 5 years ago, even last year. As your children grow and change, so will your homeschool.

cleaning schedule

One thing that I need to do this year is to create a new cleaning schedule. Since we are in a new house, I need to tweak our schedule to fit our new house. I found this cleaning schedule on Pintrest. It is close to what our family needs. My advice for creating your cleaning schedule is to delegate the responsibilities. John Heywood summed it up when he said, “Many hands make light work.” For a long time, I thought I would be a bad wife and mom if I didn’t all the house work myself. Then reality hit, physically I can’t do everything. Today, my kids know that helping out around the house is part of being a family. Things aren’t always fair. We do our best as parents to try to be equal but it doesn’t always happen. Each of my children are different; they are different ages, have different abilities and skills. That all said, equality doesn’t exist.

 Whether you are a homeschool family or a traditional schooling family, I pray that your school year starts off well!


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