The Calm before the Storm

School, volleyball, touch-football, youth group all need to be put on the calendar. As soon as we get home from vacation, we will hit the road running.

photo (5)

I’m so glad that we got to squeeze one last family vacation in. Greg’s parents live in TN. There home is on a lake.  No one like the 11 hour car ride it takes to get there, but when we are there, its relaxing!

photo (4)IMG_0738

On the second day we were here, we took Greg’s parents out to dinner for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I’m so proud of the example they have set for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Dinner was very enjoyable!

Greg’s mom has been spoiling us with some awesome meals! Biscuits and gravy, pancakes, waffles, steak and corn, pork chops and corn, home made bread, and peach crunch. Along with the previous things that I will have to put on the calendar, working out is going to have be added too!

We really didn’t to very much.


Swimming at the neighbor’s pool,

photophoto (3)

photo (7)

knee boarding, fishing, laying out in the sun and reading.

Tonight is our last night here. Greg’s grandma who is 92 will be eating dinner with us. I just love spending time with my family.

What did you do right before the craziness picked up in your life? Any cool suggestions for family vacations?

Be Blessed!


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