Four Tips for Scheduling Your Family

calendar pic

It was a crazy day of homeschooling yesterday: running to one meeting, picking up the kids, coaching a volleyball game, feeding kids, dropping off kids, going to another meeting, picking up kids, and driving home. (I’m getting tired just typing it all out!) As we were driving, I actually asked the kids twice if it was Wednesday because I was trying to keep everything straight in my mind!
When we finally got home we all ended up sitting and watching the finals of America’s Got Talent! During a commercial, I asked everyone if they knew what day it was tomorrow… Everyone got a big laugh because they had been telling my all day, what day it was. But my point was that I had heard on the radio that today is “National Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Greg guessed it.
He asked us if we knew how he knew. My comical 16-year-old chimed in and said, “You were talking like a pirate today and someone corrected you and told you it was tomorrow!?!” After the laughs subsided, I asked how he knew. He wasn’t going to tell me. After some prodding, he said the date, 9/19.
Bells went off in my head, it is his BIRTHDAY! UGH… in the craziness, I almost forgot!

Three tips on scheduling your family:

  1.  Just because it fits on your calendar… DOESN’T mean you have time for it. There have been many days that I have over-schedule my family. What ends up happening is that everyone is worn out and crabby.  They can be good things that need to happen. But when they are crammed into one day, the productive day that I though I was going to have ends up being a disaster.
  2. There is not enough time in the day for everything that I want to do… I need to prioritize my day. My day is made up of 24 hours, no more no less. So many things are fighting for my attention. I need to be selective and purposeful in what I choose to do during my days. Daily I have to ask myself, ?” These are some questions I ask myself: what is the benefit of doing “IT”; is it investing in a relationship; am I blessing someone else; am I the only person who can accomplish this?
  3. If you don’t schedule it… it probably won’t happen. Sometimes, I will schedule a time to talk set up an appointment. I may want to plan something but it’s too far in advance. So, I put a reminder on my calendar to set up the appointment. (I could use the fancy reminder thingy on my phone, but it reminds me once and if I’m busy I just “dismiss” it and it gets “dismissed” from my mind.) But when it’s on my calendar, I see it all day long, every time I check my schedule.
  4. Pray about it! I can’t see the big picture, only my Heavenly Father can. There are good things: church events, volunteer opportunities, extra services. They all can bless others and my family. But how much is too much? Your Heavenly Father knows; ask Him.

Do you have a number 5 you could add to our list? Please share; it’s a continual learning process!

Be Blessed!


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