Fall Bucket List 2013

Fall bucket list collage

I can’t believe that today is the first official day of FALL!!! Oh, how I love fall! Cool, crisp weather. Everything apple and pumpkin. Changing and falling leaves. Football. The thought of the holidays coming closer. These are a few of my favorite fall things.

Now that fall is fast approaching, I have been figuring out what to put on our Fall Bucket List! We will be doing some of our favorite things and trying out some new activities. We are going to explore a new orchard, new recipe and hopefully discover some new fall traditions along the way. What are your favorite Fall Traditions?

Here is our Fall Bucket List:

  1. Apple Orchard
  2. Pumpkin patch & carve pumpkins
  3. Make apple & pear sauce
  4. Trick or Treating
  5. Fall family photo shoot
  6. Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin muffins
  7. Decorate house and porch for Fall
  8. Rake big pile of leaves and jump in them
  9. Football party
  10. Halloween Movie night

I made a few different bucket lists for you to use, depending on how many things are on your list. Take a look at all of them, and pick which you want to use.

This is the Punch Fall Bucket List – This is a handy Punch card that you can add your Fall Bucket List to it, keep it with you, and punch off each item as they are accomplished.


This is the Fall Bucket List 10 You can use this bucket list if you have 10 things on your list. Just fill in each leaf!

Fall Bucket 10

This is the Fall Bucket List 6  Use this bucket list if you have 6 things you want to do this fall. Just simply write each thing on a leaf and hang where you can see it.

bucket 6

Or you can use this Fall Bucket Checklist

fall checklistpm

I can’t wait to start working on our Fall Bucket List!! What do we do first??

I hope you have a wonderful fall, and have the chance to enjoy all the wonderfulness that fall has to offer!

Let us know what is on your Fall Bucket List.


3 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List 2013

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