Reality Check from my Laundry

I can remember about 17 years ago, sitting on my living room couch folding laundry. I was pregnant with my first child and washing all the new clothes I had gotten from our baby shower. My mom stopped by to chat for a while. I would hold up an outfit and we would talk about how cute it was. Then, I made a profound statement that periodically my mother reminds me about. I said, “I just love doing laundry!”

It was true, folding laundry was fun for me. Those little shirts and onesies reminded me of the little miracle that God created in me. I enjoyed every second of it!


But to be totally honest, that is a distant memory! Four children and hundreds of shrunk, bleached, dyed, ruined pieces of clothing later, LAUNDRY has become my nemesis.


It was one of my goals after we moved into our new house to do two loads of laundry a day. I have been doing that pretty consistently; although I have dropped the ball with the folding. There are times that a pile of clean clothes will be on the family room floor for a few days in a row. It just gets bigger and bigger. Until I or someone else can’t stand it any longer and start folding.

A blog I read this morning, from Lisa-Jo Baker, hit me square in the face! I had to take a moment to have a reality check!

water hose

Her blog shared a story of moms in an African village called Maubane, that wash their laundry by hand. Not only that, they “rely on outdoor faucets that often run out of water. Then they trek over to this spot, that currently has reliable water but no faucets, no floors, no structure. Just a hosepipe in the ground.” – See more

I am going to donate money. EVERYTIME I start, switch or fold a load of laundry I will pray for Maubane, other villages like Maubane, Help One, Take Action and the James 127 Trust. Will you please consider joining me?

*** UPDATE*** Thank You to everyone who prayed and/or donated!! They have reached and exceeded their goal!! If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, please still do! Maybe we can bless another community in Africa!


3 thoughts on “Reality Check from my Laundry

    • It’s my honor!
      I think everyone can make a difference! No matter how insignificant you may feel that your contribution is, it can be compounded and multiplied as you share your heart and story with others. I’m blessed beyond measure every time God calls me out of my comfort zone and I’m obedient!

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