Chanyn’s Fall Bucket List **UPDATE**


I woke up this morning and it was 31 degrees! Seriously… OCT 22!!

31 deg

I realized that I need to hurry up and get my Fall Bucket List done before winter comes… which seems like it may have arrived.

  • Apple Orchard
  • Pumpkin Farm
  • Make and freeze apple pies & pie filling
  • Make Dinner in a Pumpkin
  • Fall family photo shoot
  • Make and freeze pumpkin muffins
  • Decorate house and porch for Fall
  • Family fall bike ride
  • Corn Maze
  • Host a game night and bon fire

I got a call last week from a friend at church who had 3 bushels of apples donated for a women’s ministry event at our church. The only issue was that she had to pick them herself. So we joined her at the orchard and were able to pick them in less than an hour. Although it wasn’t the family event that I wanted to have, we had a great time with some awesome friends.

Apple Picking3 Apple Picking4

Apple Picking5 Apple Picking6

apple Picking2 Apple Picking1

Since all the apples that we picked were for the women’s event, I decided to buy a bag of “seconds.” (First of all, it was picked for me and cheaper because they had blemishes.) You’ll notice in the pictures that some apples have black spots on the skin. After the skin was peeled off, (with my handy dandy Apple Peeler/Slicer/Corer from Pampered Chef) you would never known that they were “seconds.”

pie Apple10 pie Apple9

pie Apple8 pie Apple3

Pie Apple1

I did make Dinner in a Pumpkin. I did have some leftover meat and rice mixture that I baked in a casserole dish because I have some children that would rather not have the pumpkin mixed with it. Also, a friend mentioned that they have a recipe with sausage, cheese and bacon. I would like to try that soon.

I also decided to save the leftover pumpkin. I was careful to scrape off the skin. Then I put it in a gallon freezer bag for future use.

dinnerinapumpkin dinnerinapumpkin11

I did decorate  the house and porch for fall. I just used the few things that I had in the old house. I may try to purchase some more decorations this year when everything goes on sale.

My husband an I had some old friends over for dinner and we went to the corn maze at Richardson Adventure Farm. We had a great time! My only advice would be: bring a flashlight and where mud boots. Our two oldest has both gone there with their friends and this weekend we will take the two youngest with some of their friends.

How are you doing on your Fall Bucket List? Have you done anything that wasn’t on your list?

Be Blessed!


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