Giving this Christmas Season


We all say that Christmas is the Season for Giving. But what does that really mean and how do we live that out or is that just something we say and don’t do? When I asked my kids what it meant here are some of the responses:

  • It means that we need to think of others that don’t have as much as we do.
  • Christmas is the time to give things to other people selflessly.
  • That we should help people who are in need.
  • It means giving presents to kids who may not receive anything without us.

That’s good stuff! Although, I think that sometimes our picture of who is “in need” is too narrow. “In need” doesn’t always mean the lack money. Just as “being successful” doesn’t always mean having a lot of money.

This Christmas season I’m asking God to make me sensitive to the people “in need” right around me.

  • A child may need undivided attention given to him/her.
  • A coworker may need understanding and forgiveness.
  • A neighbor may need time without kids to go shopping.
  • A cashier may need a smile instead of a frustrated look.
  • A family member may need a smile and a hug instead of sarcasm.

We will be exchanging gift with others year; we will be donating to the Salvation Army; we will give an extra gift to World Vision. But in addition I will be encouraging my family to daily ask who is in need around us and what are practical things we can do to meet those needs.

I pray that that this truly is a Season of Giving for you! Please share with us ways that you have given to others “in needs” or ideas you have to do this.

Be Blessed!


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