Day 04: Whole30 for the Piepers

All day today, I had to walk by the kitchen at work where there were chocolate chip cookies sitting out on the table for everyone. The first time I saw them, I had the urge to take one. Normally I would have and eaten it with my coffee. I had to consciously walk by them and not take one. It made me think of how  many times the “old” me (funny the “new” me is 4 days old and I feel so wise. 🙂 ) would have grabbed things without thinking if it was good for my health or not. I’ve decided from now on, I will make a conscious choice with everything I eat. Is it all going to be good for me? No, but I will recognize that when I make the choice.

I’m feeling very empowered today. I am going to eat to live, NOT live to eat.

Whole30 day 4 meal1

Meal 1: Eggs, sautéed veggies & cantaloupe

whole30 day 4 meal2
Meal 2: Lime Shrimp Avocado Salad
Meal 3: Stuffed Peppers

whole30 banana muffins

Snacks: clementine and nuts & Banana Muffins

Energy levels: same
Sleep: Everyone seems to be dreaming more. I woke up at 6:30 for the last two days without an alarm clock.
Gut issues: May be getting a little worse
Hormonal issues: Acne is worse for some of the girls which is a bummer. I’m just reminding them that it needs to get worse before it can get LOTS better
Focus: same

Daily Take-away: It Starts with Food says not to try to replicate food we eat now with approved items. That would be fine for me. I love trying new foods and am enjoying the Whole30. Now for my family that is another story. They seem to enjoy sitting on the couch and discussing all their favorite foods that we can’t have. I try to redirect the conversation. Doesn’t work very well. So, tonight I decided to divide and conquer.

I sent my husband and his cravings of snack food to the store. The kids went to different rooms until he return. He did return with two bags of Whole30 approved Sweet Potato Chips that weren’t on the list. They hit the spot and seemed to start brightening everyone’s spirits.
Then he pulled out cocoa powder, the younger kids put it on bananas. (My advice would be to start a little, you can always add more.) While they were eating their dessert, I made the most amazing Whole30 approved Banana Muffins! They are expensive to make but well worth it. Next time, I’m going to try to make almond flour, although almonds are expensive too.

I would recommend that if you are doing the Whole30 on your own, enjoy the new foods and recipes. If your family is doing it with you, don’t cheat, but try to make recipes that your family is excited to try and my be even something that you eat now but will have to tweak the ingredients.


whole30 banana muffin recipe

whole30 Lime Shrimp salad recipe

Do you have any gluten, dairy, sugar, legume – free recipes that you want to share?

Be Blessed!



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