Day 07: Whole30 for the Piepers

I’m such a bad blogger!!! I totally keep on forgetting to take pictures of our meals. I’m so sorry!! (The next time I make the Beef Roast I’ll take a picture and put it in.)

Whole30 Meal Planning

I did find some FREE Whole30 resources to share with you. They are awesome!

Meal 1: Mushroom, Onion Frattata
Meal 2: Leftover Chicken on a Salad with Mango Salsa
Meal 3: Beef Roast with Sweet Potato Hash
Snacks: Mashed banana with cocoa powder

Energy levels: same
Sleep: same
Gut issues: getting better
Hormonal issues: same
Focus: some of the teens seem to have better focus

Daily Take-away:

-Eating healthy is expensive. But that shouldn’t be a reason not to do the Whole30. When I’m planning my week of meals, I check out what protein is on sale this week. From there, I see what we still have in the fridge that need to be eaten up. I make my list. The first store I go to is Aldi. I get whatever I can there; I just have to be careful to read ingredients. Lot’s of things have sugar in them. Then I’ll get the rest at our local grocery store.

-My youngest is having the hardest time with this last week. He’s 10 and a good eater. He tries everything. I think he is just worried that he will never have candy or ice cream again. 😉 The older girls have grasped the bigger picture. They don’t always like it but they do understand it.


whole30 Beef Roast

Have a Blessed Day!



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