Day 08: Whole30 for the Piepers

Happy April’s Fool’s Day! All I have to say is that the Whole30 is no JOKE! If you’ve ever thought that you would like to try it, you should! It’s well worth the sacrifice. 30 days is do-able. There is a end. It’s long enough to start feeling the good effects of eating healthy. I’m so glad that we are doing the Whole30!

whole30 day8

Meal 1: Mushroom, Onion Frattata

whole30 day8.2

Meal 2: Asian Beef and Broccoli
Meal 3: 10-Minute Chili

whole30 day8.3

Energy levels: Same
Sleep: Good
Gut issues: same
Hormonal issues: I’m on Day2 of my period and I had the worst cramps since childbirth… hormone levels must be changing.
Focus: same

Daily Take-away: Love this blog by Heather Sanders. I have been reading her blog for about a year. She started the Whole30 and blogged about it. That’s where I got inspired. Check her out here. She is on Day 22… there is hope! 🙂


Whole30 Asian Beef & Broccoli recipe

Whole30 day8.4

Whole30 banana blueberry smoothie recipe

Let me know if you have a great recipe. The kid’s favorite meal so far is the  10-Minute Chili.



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