Happiness & Letting Go

Today I start.  I start writing again.  To fill my spirit with words that perhaps I don’t always speak.  Happiness.  Not an end goal – but rather a way of life and living.  For many years now I have struggled with pain and health issues and I feel like I am finally taking back my life, my happiness.  As I work through the “messy middle” of making changes to my way of thinking, to my outlook on what I am and I can do, changes to my lifestyle of eating and sleeping and moving, I continue to choose Happiness.  So often we put off Happiness until we are “there”.  But why?  I’m There now!  I am Happiness.  No longer concerned with controlling the outcome; I now embrace all that is in that moment.  Each and every moment. Oh, I still struggle.  To feel fulfilled and purposeful.  To let go of doing it all.  And doing it all perfectly.  And to be in control. All. Of. The. Time!  Yes, I hear the song “Let It Go” in my head during those moments 🙂   It’s a wonderful reminder to stop.  Realize what truly is important at that moment.  Embrace the messiness that is life.  Then rethink the plan to help get to the other side.  All while being in the Happiness zone.




Yesterday is a wonderful example of how lovely a day can be if I just let it go.  I had scheduled two doctor appointments for the morning.  I tried to maximize my time and had them too close together.  The first appointment usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes so I should have been able to make the second appointment.  But yesterday was all about a lesson is patience and letting go.  I arrived 30 minutes late for the other appointment and with much apologizing ended up making a new appointment for Monday early morning.  This freed up some time in the schedule that allowed for a leisurely lunch with my parents at new restaurant downtown.  Which then gave way to more time to sit and get ready mentally for my massage.  Mindfulness.  Complete and total mindfulness yesterday.  So I just kept going with it all day.  On a whim I stopped at the nail salon and treated myself to a manicure.  Now that’s Happiness 🙂  Then a few glasses of wine downtown before enjoying the play To Kill a Mockingbird.  And even though my evening ended not feeling well (a bit of the detox from my massage!) I was still in my happiness.


There was a book fair going on at the hospital yesterday.  I picked up The Happiness Project  One-Sentence Journal by Gretchen Rubin.  She also has a book by the same name.  I love the idea of only writing one sentence a day in my journal.  For me it will help develop the muscle memory of writing each day.  And if is just that one sentence then I am good with that.  If that once sentence spurs me on to write more (like it has today) then even better.


May YOUR day be  filled with happiness today and everyday.


One of the great paradoxes of happiness is that we seek to control our lives, but the unfamiliar and the unexpected are important sources of happiness. – Gretchen Rubin

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