25 Days of Christmas Calendar

25 days of Christmas

Today is the first day of December!!! You know what that means, right?! 25 days until Christmas! The last few years I have done a countdown to Christmas with my kids. Last year I even made an elaborate printed out calendar with activities for each day. I must say it was an adorable calendar, but it was a lot of work. Plus we could only use it for one year. So this year I decided to make a countdown calendar that was reusable for each year to come. (And I think I could even use it all year round, to hang photos or notes on it!)

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Chanyn’s Gratitude

give thanks

This whole month of November has made me think of what I am Grateful and Thankful for. I have some friends who have posted daily on Facebook what they are thankful for. It was a great reminder to me to slow down and appreciate the things I have even small things.

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Best Ever Banana Bread

banana bread title pic

This is just about my favorite recipe ever! It’s so easy to make and it’s delicious. The house smells amazing when the bread is in the oven. There is always a rush to the kitchen to see if the bread is done.

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Tidbit Tuesday – Freezer Cookies Ready for Guests

ginger cookie title pic

One thing I love about freezer meals is that they are ready anytime. Obviously, the meals need to be cooked but the prep is all ready done. Freezer meals not only have helped me on crazy, busy days, but also come in handy when a friend has a baby, is recovering from surgery, or if  there is last minute company.

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How to Teach your Kids to Handle Conflict


Since adults have a hard time handling conflict, it’s no wonder that kids don’t know what to do when they have been offended or hurt.

Relationships take work, plain and simple. No matter how hard we try, each day people who love each other Continue reading