Week 2 Completed: Whole30 for the Piepers

I have graduated to a weekly Whole30 post.

  1. have been crazy busy and squeezing it in daily it getting difficult
  2. we have been making favorite meals that I have already shared
  3. I don’t have a lot of new insight. It really feels like we’ve been eating this way forever!

Time has been a huge change for me. Eating Whole30 is not quick, fast, on-the-go foods. They are good, nutritious, healthy food that take time to prepare and eat. Although this may seem like a disadvantage, I feel like it has been a bonus.

  • It has created more meal times as a family.
  • It encourages us to get up earlier.
  • We’ve been able to get a good start to our day.

I have had some great Crockpot meals! I loved Creamy Chicken Soup (I added 16oz of chopped up mushrooms and 3 C spinach.) Tomorrow I’m going to cook a whole chicken with garlic, onions, lemons and spices. After the meal is over I’ll put bones and skin back in the crockpot with water and cook overnight to make chicken stock. I did just run across a Jambalaya Crockpot recipe that I think I’ll try next week.

Now to Easter… I think I will make:

– A roasted leg of lamb with mint pesto
– Deviled eggs with homemade mayo, paprika, (some topped with fresh jalapeño)
– Twice baked sweet potatoes topped with pecans
– sautéed mushrooms and garlic with fresh herbs

One last random though, Kim, Katie and I are going to The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo. I’m so very excited to go. I will be planning to bring most of my food to I don’t get tempted! Stay tuned for posts next week.


Jumbalaya Crockpot Recipe

Twice baked Sweet pot

Any other suggestions for Easter Menu?

Be Blessed!


Day 10: Whole30 for the Piepers

Love talking to my family and friends about the Whole30. I am far from an expert. But I do know how I’m feeling better and loving the recipes. It makes me smile when my friends try the recipes and love them too.

whole30 day10.1

Meal 1: Hardboiled eggs, orange and almonds

Whole30 day10.2
Meal 2: Tuna fish salad on spinach

Whole30 day10.3
Meal 3: Stuffed Cabbage (This is one of my kids favorites!)
Snacks: Peanuts and sweet peppers

Energy levels: More even over the whole day
Sleep: good
Gut issues: same
Hormonal issues: same
Focus: same

Daily Take-away:  I shouldn’t guess what my kids will like or not like. The meals that I think they will love, don’t get rave reviews; but the ones that I think will be voted “so-so,” are the ones that they LOVE and are their favorites!


Whole30 Stuffed Cabbage recipe

So, I’m starting to think about Easter. We will still be on the Whole30 over the holiday. I want to start new traditions for our holidays that don’t revolve around. Any ideas?

Be Blessed!

Day 09: Whole30 for the Piepers

Well I’ve been feeling great. It’s 11:00 pm and this is my “snack time.” It used to be one or two squares of dark chocolate, chips, popcorn or a scoop or two of ice cream. Now, my snack is dates and pecans, grapes and almonds or a Larabar. It’s all about the choices.

whole30 day9.1

Meal 1: Hard Boiled Eggs, orange and sweet peppers

whole30 day9.2
Meal 2: Tuna Salad on Spinach

whole30 day9.3
Meal 3: Citrus Chicken, Brussel sprouts and Garlic Mashed Cauliflower
Snacks: Orange and almonds

Energy levels: the afternoon energy drop has gone away
Sleep: good
Gut issues: same
Hormonal issues: same
Focus: same

Daily Take-away: Cooking takes time. Prep, Prep, Prep… My kids would quickly grab some fruit for a snack before veggies. As I thought about it, the reason was because most fruits are grab and go. Veggies usually need to be cut, pealed or chopped before they are easily eaten. So, as  make my meals I spent an extra 10-15 minutes prepping veggies for snacks.

What are some of your kids favorite veggies to snack on?

Be Blessed!


Day 08: Whole30 for the Piepers

Happy April’s Fool’s Day! All I have to say is that the Whole30 is no JOKE! If you’ve ever thought that you would like to try it, you should! It’s well worth the sacrifice. 30 days is do-able. There is a end. It’s long enough to start feeling the good effects of eating healthy. I’m so glad that we are doing the Whole30!

whole30 day8

Meal 1: Mushroom, Onion Frattata

whole30 day8.2

Meal 2: Asian Beef and Broccoli
Meal 3: 10-Minute Chili

whole30 day8.3
Snacks: https://cultivatingtrio.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/whole30-banana-blueberry-smoothie-recipe.jpg

Energy levels: Same
Sleep: Good
Gut issues: same
Hormonal issues: I’m on Day2 of my period and I had the worst cramps since childbirth… hormone levels must be changing.
Focus: same

Daily Take-away: Love this blog by Heather Sanders. I have been reading her blog for about a year. She started the Whole30 and blogged about it. That’s where I got inspired. Check her out here. She is on Day 22… there is hope! 🙂


Whole30 Asian Beef & Broccoli recipe

Whole30 day8.4

Whole30 banana blueberry smoothie recipe

Let me know if you have a great recipe. The kid’s favorite meal so far is the  10-Minute Chili.