Cultivating Tools

Here is a worksheet you can use to start your goal making journey. Start by making deciding on your top 5 goals for the year. Then break it down to what you will do the next 1, 2 and 3 months to start accomplishing each goal.

My Goals 2013


Here is a tool to help you plan your meal for the week. There is also a section to plan any freezer cooking you want to do that week, as well as a section for your grocery list.

menu planing mini

Menu Planning Guide

You can use this Focus Words Worksheet to help define the 3 Focus words that will define your Year.

Focus Words

This is a Freezer Inventory Worksheet to help you keep track of everything you have in your freezer, how much of it you have and when you put it in there.

Freezer Inventory

Here is a Weekly Schedule that you can use to plan your week. It is a daily schedule where you add your schedule, meal and goals for each day. It also has space to add notes on the side. I LOVE this schedule, it helps keeps me so organized during a busy week!

Weekly Schedule picWeekly Schedule


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